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  • "Lin-sanity" reveals Chinese culture

  • A BRAC-like commission for DOD cost savings -- and how it could be better

    Steve Kelman supports an idea to propose changes to military retirement programs, but argues that it could be more effective with less limitation. Read More

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  • Getting employees involved in cost cutting

    Steve Kelman suggests that providing incentives would inspire frugality and innovation. Read More

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  • The new generation and the media -- curiouser and curiouser

    Blogger Steve Kelman finds that more and more people are no longer reading newspapers, or even news. Read More

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  • FUD surrounds cloud computing procurement process

    Steve Kelman has some reassurances on acquisition practices. Read More

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  • Taking the pulse of China's youth -- again

    Steve Kelman asks familiar questions to a new class of Chinese students. Read More

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  • Successful IT projects: Good news travels slowly

    Steve Kelman finds a GAO report documenting successful IT acquisitions that apparently did not get much attention. Read More

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  • The devil, the details and contract terms

    Research offers a surprising finding about contract terms. Read More

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  • Is cooperation natural?

    Research offers some clues on whether people more naturally cooperate or compete. Read More

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  • Message to Facebook: Knock off the changes.

    Facebook's Timeline feature creates confusion, not clarity. Read More

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