• Here comes the sun — at 2 a.m.

    Steve Kelman rhapsodizes on summer in Sweden. Read More

  • Stockholm syndrome: Sweden sounds more and more like America

    Steve Kelman takes the pulse of Sweden during a recent visit. Read More

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  • Public management conference offers insights you should care about

    Steve Kelman reports on the insights gleaned at a recent public management conference. Read More

  • FBI Sentinel a test for agile development

    If the effort works, the federal IT community should think about how to make agile a more common approach in government, writes blogger Steve Kelman. Read More

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  • Has Obama administration dropped the ball on performance-based acquisition?

    Steve Kelman traces continuity of management approaches through three presidential administrations. Read More

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  • Think hard, invent something, win a prize

    Contests are gaining acceptance as a research tool, Steve Kelman discovers. Read More

  • Cooperation is in the eye of the beholder

    A study comparing American and Chinese workers found differences in perceptions of cooperative behaviors. Read More

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  • The 1,500 Commandments for contracting officers

    How can contracting officers think about ways to make more creative and cost-effective acquisitions when just following the rules is a full-time job? Read More

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  • What makes a great schoolteacher?

    Steve Kelman learns that what makes a teacher great might not be what you think. Read More

  • Osama bin Laden and Public Service Recognition Week

    Unfortunately, many people do not realize that government employees are responsible for tracking down bin Laden, writes blogger Steve Kelman. Read More

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