• Rail accident reveals nation's tensions, contradictions

    Coverage of a high-speed rail disaster in China reveals the country's tensions, Steve Kelman observes. Read More

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  • The Happy Buddha professor drives the Treasure Horse

    Steve Kelman offers a glimpse into Chinese renderings of Western brand names. Read More

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  • Crowdsourcing knowledge management

    Steve Kelman wonders why Google lacks a "like" button. Read More

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  • Vendors gripe at contracting conference

    Steve Kelman found the opening sessions of the National Contract Management Association World Conference to be 'whining and self-serving' Read More

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  • We'll always have Paris -- and so will the Chinese

    Steve Kelman observes signs of increasing Chinese influence in the City of Lights. Read More

  • Russia provides a case study in government corruption

    Russians are pessimistic, and it's no wonder that they are. Read More

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  • Back in the U.S.S.R.?

    Blogger Steve Kelman is struck by how much things have changed in Moscow since he visited as a student. Read More

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  • Good news for America (in my opinion)

    A large minority of Boston high school valedictorians are immigrants, and Steve Kelman has some thoughts on what that means for the nation. Read More

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  • Continuity after Kundra

    The departure of federal CIO Vivek Kundra puts continuity in the spotlight, writes Steve Kelman. Read More

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  • Here comes the sun — at 2 a.m.

    Steve Kelman rhapsodizes on summer in Sweden. Read More