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  • Forget pay for performance: Here are the reforms execs really want

    Steve Kelman finds that pay for performance is low on the wish list of management reforms for some senior executives. What tops it? Read More

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  • China's many contradictions

    Steve Kelman, filing his final blog post from China, shares some jarring experiences with cultural contradictions. Read More

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  • China's future may be glimpsed in its past

    Steve Kelman considers the Tang Dynasty and its potential reverberations today. Read More

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  • Chinese rail crash coverage shows limits of press freedom there

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  • Rail accident reveals nation's tensions, contradictions

    Coverage of a high-speed rail disaster in China reveals the country's tensions, Steve Kelman observes. Read More

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  • The Happy Buddha professor drives the Treasure Horse

    Steve Kelman offers a glimpse into Chinese renderings of Western brand names. Read More

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  • Crowdsourcing knowledge management

    Steve Kelman wonders why Google lacks a "like" button. Read More

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  • Vendors gripe at contracting conference

    Steve Kelman found the opening sessions of the National Contract Management Association World Conference to be 'whining and self-serving' Read More

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  • We'll always have Paris -- and so will the Chinese

    Steve Kelman observes signs of increasing Chinese influence in the City of Lights. Read More

  • Russia provides a case study in government corruption

    Russians are pessimistic, and it's no wonder that they are. Read More

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