• VA logo

    VA fills in the blanks on scheduling needs

    The Veterans Affairs Department was seeking a new scheduling tool even before a scandal revealed deficiencies in its existing system. Here's the latest to-do list. Read More

  • Infrastructure

    In search of smarter buildings

    GSA is seeking new technologies to boost its Green Proving Ground program. Read More

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  • Shutterstock image: beacon of data.

    DARPA solicits science to connect the dots

    The defense research agency’s goal is to facilitate big hypothesis generation and accelerate discovery. Read More

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    Meet your friendly neighborhood intel research shop

    IARPA is hosting its first-ever industry day over two days, Oct. 29-30. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: regional climate modeling.

    NOAA plots successor to climate modeling supercomputer

    NOAA's current weather and climate forecasting supercomputer system went online last July, but the agency is already seeking ideas to augment or replace it. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: satellite in orbit.

    Making a 22,000-mile service call

    DARPA is seeking robots that can do repair work on satellites in high orbits. Read More

  • Department of Veterans Affairs, VetLink kiosk.

    VA mulls redo of VetLink kiosks

    An RFI indicates a desire for the kiosks to be supported in the cloud and use HTML5 responsive design for mobile presentation. Read More

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  • screen capture of HealthCare.gov site

    CMS extends Accenture's HealthCare.gov deal

    In the midst of a procurement for a new contractor, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services opted to give the incumbent six more months managing the federal health care exchange. Read More

  • Wikimedia image: Defense Information Systems Agency (logo).

    DISA plans reboot of $12B IT contract

    Encore III, a global IT vehicle for DOD, enters the pre-solicitation phase. Read More

  • Wikipedia image: NGA logo.

    NGA's school for agile

    A request for training offers more evidence of the federal pivot to agile. Read More

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