• Shutterstock image: looking for code.

    Justice Department needs a few good hackers

    DOJ wants help finding their own security flaws before the bad guys get there. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: cooperation, pieces to the puzzle.

    IARPA looks to the crowd

    The intelligence R&D lab wants a platform for crowdsourcing the development and refining of arguments. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: black data center with white floors and ceiling.

    HP, CSC targeted for data center support

    DHS says the sole-source solicitations are necessary to maintain continuity of mission critical services. Read More

  • Shutterstock image (by TebNad): Satellite dishes over sunset.

    ICE seeks new phone services for detainees

    The service must be provided at no cost to ICE or detainees, but the contractor gets exclusive rights to sell pre-paid and other calling cards. Read More

  • NASA

    NASA seeks robotic spacecraft for asteroids, Mars

    The technologies could play key roles in the future redirection of Earth-bound asteroids and the colonization of Mars. Read More

  • biometrics

    DHS looks to migrate, upgrade ID system

    The Office of Biometric Identity Management wants to replace the Automated Biometric Identification System. Read More

  • NASA logo

    Space agency seeks assistance on tech roadmap

    The NASA Headquarters Office of Chief Technologist is asking for input from the private sector. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: circuit board.

    Help wanted with 7 million lines of COBOL

    The Railroad Retirement Board is looking to update its legacy IT systems. Read More

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  • Wikimedia: Federal Election Commission logo.

    FEC plans interactive legal guides

    The Federal Election Commission’s existing systems are notoriously clunky and tricky to navigate. Read More

  • Cybersecurity research

    NIST seeks CDM trial

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology's goal is a robust, real-time continuous monitoring program. Read More

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