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Increased trust boosts Pentagon-industry info sharing -- FCW


... project has evolved into a multi-tiered network in which some 2,650 contractors share cyber-threat information and coordinate responses to an attack. ... awareness"; and "ensuring survivability against highly sophisticated cyber attacks."

Is government doing too much on cyber-response? -- FCW


... understand their limitations when it comes to managing cyber risk," the report said. ... and not mapped closely enough to how cyber-attacks actually unfold, said Healey, who is director of the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

CDX pits NSA hackers against service academies -- FCW


The Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX), now in its 14th year, is designed to put the lessons learned in ... on emails and opening files that could potentially help launch a hidden attack. ... Outgoing NSA Director and Cyber Command head Gen.

Symantec simulation could be a recruiting tool -- FCW


The cyber summit, held April 8-9, could serve as a recruiting tool for federal agencies and contractors, he said, noting that college students affiliated ... country's oil and gas fields by attacking server infrastructure, stealing oil-field ...

Watch out for 'the guy in cubicle 3B' -- FCW


... here at an unrelated event, warned a Washington audience on April 2 that internal threats are at least as important as more-traditional cyber attacks. ... 's 2001 arrest, the need for adequate cyber security has increased exponentially.

DHS warns of fake help-desk scams -- FCW


... in January, and the Department of Homeland Security warned that more such attacks could be on the way as the end of Microsoft support for its Windows XP ... updates for Windows XP on April 8, cyber criminals could see an opportunity to dial ...

Cyberattacks: Too much how, not enough why -- FCW


... INSA's March publication "Strategic Cyber Intelligence" states that national security ... A broader strategic vision that looks for reasons why an attack is occurring and what the attackers are after can lead to better tactical, on-the-ground ...

The STAND: Cybersecurity -- FCW


Advanced persistent threats. Zero-day attacks. Insider threats. ... The problem is that these and other emerging cyber tactics are designed to evade traditional cyber defenses and escape detection until it’s too late. ... Policy ... Agencies

McConnell: Laws and policies 'have not kept pace' with cyber threats -- FCW


... and keynoted a March 26 Georgetown Law discussion on responding to cyber attacks, said the United States need comprehensive legislation and international ... information because of a “victimize the victim” attitude surrounding cyber attacks.

The Cloud is Only as Secure as its Provider: What to Know Before You Migrate -- FCW


Will your cloud successfully identify and counter the growing number of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats? ... How fast could a provider recover in the event of a successful attack? ... Is your provider transparent to customers?