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  • Marlene Roush: Data science educator

    As the rare person trained in mathematics, Roush teaches on campus and in the company conference room. As the rare person trained in mathematics, Roush teaches on campus and in the company conference room.

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  • Paul Reynolds: Connecting civilian and intell agencies

    This Rising Star describes the flood of data he has to tame as akin to 'watching someone get hit with the water from a fire hose.'

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  • Irina Nguyen: Bringing transparency to acquisition

    As the Army continues to overhaul and streamline the ways it buys technology, one person is working behind the scenes to make the processes more transparent.

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  • Michael G. Meskill: Taking USDA to the cloud

    Thanks to Meskill, the Agriculture Department has joined the ranks of cloud service providers.

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  • Samantha Kott Kouril: Undaunted by challenge

    Knowing little about IT didn't keep this Rising Star from accepting an internship at GSA, where she's now a project manager.

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  • Michael Metzger: Thriving on unpredictability

    As special assistant to the Defense Department's deputy chief management officer, Metzger can spend one day working with Congress and the next day briefing top-level Pentagon officials on efforts to reform DOD's financial management.

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  • Hetal Jain: Transportation's sustainability monitor

    This honoree used an EPA-developed web tool to track information on DOT's teleworking, water use, energy use, employee travel, recycling, pollution and more.

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  • Grace E. Dalton: Coordinating email migration

    This Rising Star was instrumental in coordinating the Army's effort to move 1 million people to enterprise email.

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  • Kirsten E. Dalboe: Keeping DHS ahead of the tech curve

    As DHS' customer engagement manager, Dalboe has made it her business to explain new technology with crystal clarity.

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  • Eric T. Brassil: Freeing the flow of State Department reports

    Thanks to this Rising Star, reports on 280 overseas posts are now easily accessible for Foreign Service officers and interagency employees.

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  • Carolyn Harvey: Saving money for HUD at GSA

    This Rising Star secured six key IT contracts -- and saved $7 million -- in the first six months in her new role.

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  • Dan Houston: Stamp of approval at USPS

    This Rising Star manages 3,300 databases for the Postal Service, crunching 22 petabytes (and counting) of data.

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  • Victor T. Lazzaro: Putting health data to work

    Lazzaro's efforts have helped policymakers, the medical community and businesses understand how medical offices nationwide are implementing new technology.

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  • Rebecca Schwartz: Nanotechnology for the troops

    Much of Rebecca Schwartz's research at Lockheed Martin is classified, but her work is generally geared toward developing technical solutions to reduce the physical burden of troops in combat.

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  • Michael Shrader: Aiding small tech manufacturers

    As a VP at Carahsoft, Shrader oversees more than 50 small companies.

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