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  • Inside Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat and Beyond - Session 3

    Session 3 - Proactive Security through Behavioral Analysis and Control: Intelligence Driven Security provides a new level of defense against unknown and advanced persistent threats. Our solution profiles how systems should behave and operate within organizational policies and industry best practices. The Symantec / ForeScout solution applies a policy driven, abstraction layer around systems, applications and users, ensuring emerging attack vectors are unable to compromise and exploit IT services. The proactive approach to securing against new threats married with traditional signature based controls ensures a complete level of protection against known and unknown threats. 06/17/2015

  • Inside Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat and Beyond - Session 2

    Session 2 - Automated Remediation: Automated Management, Monitoring & Remediation allows organizations to automate many of the common / repeatable tasks associated with configuring and continuously maintaining a strong IT hygiene. Through our integrated solution, organizations can transform manual processes into automated common processes. Examples include configuration and patch management, host based security; ensuring consistent and secure IT service functionality. This empowers IT staffs to focus on new and emerging threats rather than spend precious resources on day to day support activities. 05/05/2015

  • Data Driven Decision-Making: Analytics in Government

    When it comes to managing programs or operations, government agencies rarely lack the data they need to make informed decisions. What they need is a process for converting that data into actionable information. In this webcast, Chris Chilbert, Chief Enterprise Architect, at the Department of Homeland Security, will discuss best practices for making data-driven decision-making part of an organization’s culture. 04/22/2015

  • Inside Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat and Beyond - Session 1

    Session 1 - Real-time Network Visibility – You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See: Visibility across your network – in real-time - is a critical necessity for combating today’s increasing cyber attacks and security breaches. Integrating a NAC solution into asset management operations will enable you to detect, prioritize and remediating risk much more effectively and efficiently. Attend this webcast to learn how monitor and mitigate the cyber threats affecting agencies today. 03/26/2015

  • The Evolution of Mobility: The Move to Seamless Security

    Protecting work data on mobile devices, whether they are GFE or BYOD, is a foremost concern of government CIOs, IT, and security personnel. So how does a government agency strike a balance between protecting government information while at the same time, leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices to maximize productivity of today’s mobile government worker? In this webcast, Rick Walsh, Mobility Lead, U.S. Army G6 CIO, will discuss how the U.S Army is leveraging mobility to enable soldiers to securely use their device in their home station or on deployment. 03/25/2015


  • The Federal Network Visibility Crisis

    The Federal Network Visibility Crisis – a study on risks and consequences.

  • Harnessing the Cloud at U.S. Federal and Defense Organizations

    The more federal agencies learn about vCloud Government Service, the more confident they become that the hybrid cloud solution will alleviate cost pressures, increase agility, and improve performance, while increasing productivity and enabling faster time-to-value. With virtualization and vSphere as a foundation for many federal agencies today, adopting a hybrid cloud model based on that same platform mitigates risk. Download this recent solution brief to learn more.

  • Cloud Solutions and the One-Size-Fits-All Fallacy

    While it may be tempting to make an all-or-nothing decision when it comes to the cloud, it’s not that simple. Download this Q&A to gain further insight from industry experts on how to choose the right cloud strategy for your organization.

  • IT Executive Insights: Managing the Transition to the Virtual Enterprise

    Agencies are embracing virtualization as a cost effective, more efficient and flexible way to deliver applications and services to their users, and they see it as a good first step to get to the cloud. Migrating to a virtual enterprise requires a methodical, holistic approach based on trust and standards and a robust network, according to speakers at a February 11 Face-to-Face event titled, “Managing the Transition to the Virtual Enterprise.” This eBook highlights their insights and videos from the conference.

  • Cloud Paves Way for Big Changes

    Several technologies are driving big changes at federal agencies, but at the forefront is cloud computing. Cloud – the use of remote, Internet-hosted servers for storing, managing and processing data in place of on-site technology – is helping along technologies such as those related to collaboration and enabling new ones, such as the analyzation of big data. Download this digital dialogue to learn more on the benefits that come with adopting cloud computing for your organization.