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  • Inside Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat and Beyond - Session 3

    Session 3 - Proactive Security through Behavioral Analysis and Control: Intelligence Driven Security provides a new level of defense against unknown and advanced persistent threats. The integrated solution offered by Symantec and ForeScout Technologies, Inc. applies a policy-driven, abstraction layer around systems, applications and users, ensuring emerging attack vectors are unable to compromise and exploit IT services. 06/17/2015

  • Improving Financial Reporting at the Department of the Interior

    Led by Doug Glenn, the Deputy CFO and Director of the Office of Financial Management, the Department of Interior (DOI) has succeeded in improving financial systems through data analysis and identifying where and how exactly budget is being spent. 06/03/2015

  • 3D Printing: Building a Successful Program

    3D printing, once the stuff of science fiction, has become a reality, with the potential to revolutionize design and manufacturing in many sectors, including government. But while 3D printing is real, it is still new to many agencies. In this webcast, Lt. Commander Ben "Prof" Kohlmann, Chief of Naval Operations Rapid Innovation Cell, will offer best practices and lessons learned in leveraging this technology. Lt. Commander Kohlmann spearheaded an effort that put a 3D printer aboard a warship for the first time. 05/20/2015

  • Achieve FISMA PIV Compliance with Single Sign-On

    Configuring applications to accept smart cards is often complex and costly, but smart card-based Single Sign-On (SSO) provides password-free authentication and achieves FISMA ICAM compliance. Join us to learn how you can accelerate compliance and increase security--all while providing a seamless user experience. 05/19/2015

  • Next-Generation Security: Meeting the Needs of the Evolving Enterprise

    The federal IT enterprise continues to change, as agencies look for new ways to make applications, data, and services more readily available to their workforces. But as the enterprise evolves, the cybersecurity strategy must evolve as well. In this webcast, Mike Echols, Director, Cyber Joint Program Management Office at the Department of Homeland Security, will discuss steps that agencies can take to improve the security of their IT operations. 05/14/2015


  • Can Your IT Infrastructure Support 21st-Century Research?

    Federal agencies and federally funded research centers are often at the forefront of the most impactful scientific and engineering research collaborations worldwide. Advanced technology, especially for networking and computing, makes these initiatives possible. Yet for many research campuses, technology investments haven’t kept pace with new challenges or new opportunities for the scientific mission.

  • Create a Better Government Through Professional Development

    Create a better government through professional development. See how the DoD, the VA, and others improved learning outcomes. If you're involved in employee training and education, this new eBook is a must-have.

  • Preventing Insider Threats Starts with the Basics

    Recent statistics show that almost 87% of organizations have experienced a security breach in the last 12 months. Download this informative event summary based on the recent event titled "Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation" to learn what you need to do to protect your organization from potential threats.

  • Intelligent Compliance: Establishing Trust in the Datacenter

    Maximize your data center by automating all of the processes that are included with running a data center by utilizing BMC’s product INTELLIGENT COMPLIANCE. Intelligent Compliance proposes to automate the entire process, from understanding the current state of the environment, through defining a desired state, comparing that desired state with the actual state, correcting the discrepancies, and creating the required reporting and logs.

  • Executive Insights: Data Managment
    Creating an Analytics Culture

    Are you drowning in data? Get the executive insight in being able to make fast and effective decisions and learn how to make the most of your data by putting analytics first.