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  • Empowering Every US Federal Agency to Integrate with USPS's Federal Cloud Credential eXchange

    On October 17, 2014, President Obama signed an Executive Order mandating a plan over the next 90 days to outline how every federal agency will integrate with the United States Postal Service's (USPS) Federal Cloud Credential eXchange (FCCX), a hub that allows individuals to access participating government agencies with their existing commercially-issued, verified digital identities. This has created a stir among federal agencies because the plan will require all agencies to implement technology that makes it very easy to connect to the FCXX. The value of the hub is that the government will have a very powerful, centralized model for delivering all kinds of digital citizen services without requiring each agency to build it themselves. 12/10/2014

  • Turn Your Overwhelming Data into Actionable Intelligence

    Organizations and intelligence agencies from a variety of industries and sectors face the same challenges when it comes to big data – the need to uncover actionable insights, with limited resources, with critical speed. But with the right intelligence solution, overwhelming data won’t be a challenge, rather, it becomes your resource to smarter, more effective decision making. Join this webcast to learn how you can quickly unlock the valuable insights hidden in your data. 12/09/2014

  • Best Practices for Accelerating the Cloud

    Today, agencies often make one of two mistakes when considering cloud security. Either they over simplify their requirements because they do not recognize the potential risks associated with the information they are managing, or they over complicate their requirements assuming that their data requires the highest level of protection. Both approaches can lead to problems, but there is a better option. 12/03/2014

  • How Automation is Dramatically Changing the Federal Compliance Landscape

    Discover how automated compliance solutions are helping agencies reduce the time and resources required to achieve and maintain compliance with federal standards such as FISMA, FedRAMP and HIPAA by up to 50%. 11/19/2014

  • Health Data in the Cloud: From Information to Insights

    When it comes to health data, the more people who can access it the more valuable it is. That is why the cloud is so important. Health organizations are leveraging cloud technology and related tools to give researchers an unprecedented ability to access and mine health data. This webcast will provide government health agencies with new ideas for taking full advantage of the cloud. 11/19/2014


  • Extending Government Security Intelligence with Big Data Analytics and Exploration

    The asymmetric nature of today’s cyber threats means that federal organizations face dangers from multiple fronts. To effectively combat this rapidly shifting threat landscape, it is clear that government agencies must utilize a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to protecting critical systems and infrastructure from all manner of threats.

  • The Cloud: Journey to the Cloud Starts with the Right Foundation

    Download this Executive Summary from the recent event titled "Strategies for Creating Cloud Builder Organizations Across Government" to learn about the current options of migrating to the cloud.

  • Intelligent Compliance: Establishing Trust in the Datacenter

    With the average cost of a data breach reaching $3.5 million, the pressure is intense to maintain the security and compliance of your data center. Discover how your organization may be at risk and how you can protect your data center from costly and highly visible breaches. Read the whitepaper today to put the trust back into your data center.

  • Flash Storage: How to Maximize Performance for Demanding Applications

    All-flash arrays provide maximum performance, fast response times and high level consistent operation for business critical applications. All-flash arrays are the best choice when all I/O operations must be completed with consistently low latency, often below 1 millisecond. These are a very good fit when the performance requirement is high and the capacity requirement is modest such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), batch processing, business analytics and peak-time virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) logins. This whitepaper will provides tips and techniques for maximizing the performance of all-flash arrays and raise the level OLTP applications.

  • Snapshot: Successful Mobile Strategies

    While the use of mobile devices and apps provide federal workers with much more flexibility than ever before, it also presents new challenges for agencies. In this report, find out what’s going on with mobility in the federal government, along with changes that promise to impact government’s device management, infrastructure and policy.