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    Shutterstock image: examining computer code.

    Can CDM change the game?

    The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program represents a dramatic shift from the government's traditional focus on certifying systems as secure and then rechecking them every so often. 10/10/2014

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    Collaboration tools: Making location moot

    As agencies deal with travel restrictions and increasingly complex work teams, the technology options for bringing employees together are keeping pace. 09/22/2014

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    Beyond BYOD: Who oversees the apps?

    Official "bring your own app" policies are still few and far between, but agencies are adapting to their employees' demands. 08/25/2014

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    Data center innovation: New ways to save energy

    Revised thermal standards and an array of cooling techniques promise to reverse the data center power drain. 08/11/2014

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    Turning big data into better health outcomes

    Federal entities are playing a number of roles in population health management as the practice continues to unfold. 07/21/2014

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    Swiss army knife.

    GitHub: A Swiss Army knife for open government

    What started as a version control system for code has become a platform for ideas and collaboration. 07/07/2014

  • Cybersecurity
    Patrick Howard_SecureInfo

    Continuous monitoring: Closer than you think

    Many agencies are using a patch management tool that can be a powerful ally in the quest for continuous monitoring. 06/23/2014

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    A brief history of open data

    From eight simple principles to today's vast ecosystem, here's what's happening -- and how to take full advantage. 06/09/2014

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    Software-defined storage aims for ease of management

    The successor to storage virtualization remains largely untested by agencies, but industry experts say the benefits will change that soon enough. 05/23/2014

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    video surveillance_concept art

    Taking video analytics to the next level

    The technology has become more common in the federal space and even in consumer settings, but it still has a long way to go. 05/12/2014

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    virtual desktop abstract

    VDI moves to the cloud

    To counter the strain desktop virtualization can put on data centers and administrators, some agencies and vendors are turning to desktop as a service. 04/21/2014

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    computer network

    NFV: Turning network activities into software

    Network functions virtualization promises to save time and money by running components such as firewalls and intrusion detection as virtual machines. 03/24/2014

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    concept art for cloud services

    2 questions to ask before diving into infrastructure-as-a-service

    Well-designed IaaS deployments can allow failures to happen without the customer and their users noticing. 02/10/2014

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    cloud network security

    Encryption challenges move to the cloud

    Cloud computing is expanding the data encryption and key management issues agencies face. 01/13/2014

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    computer network

    Agencies eye the possibilities of SDN

    Software-defined networking is still in its infancy, but science-oriented networks already see the potential. 12/16/2013

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    Social Media Tree

    Social media: The next generation of archiving

    Agencies have gotten into the habit of archiving email, but now they face the task of preserving another category of electronic documents: social media communications. 11/25/2013

  • Cloud Computing
    keyhole digital

    10 steps toward FedRAMP compliance

    After June 2014, agencies can use only cloud service providers that are FedRAMP-compliant. Here's what CSPs must do to get there. 10/21/2013

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    iPhone fingerprint reader

    Biometrics go mobile

    The iPhone's fingerprint scanner could usher in a new era of authentication for mobile devices, but agencies are a long way from abandoning pass codes. 10/07/2013

  • Storage Technology
    memory chips

    Feds tiptoe toward in-memory computing

    The high cost and uncertainty of returns of in-memory computing platforms previously kept all but the most cash-flush organizations or agencies from exploring the technology, which allows rapid access to vast volumes of data. 09/24/2013

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    3 steps to make existing IT more agile

    Agile methodology can help agencies ensure that IT dollars are well spent by improving the maintenance of existing systems. 09/23/2013