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How to Stop Small Thinking from Preventing Big Data Victories

This CITO Research paper defines the principles and patterns of a next-generation data architecture and explains how companies should improve how they incorporate big data and data science into existing capabilities.

Achieving New Levels of Backup Reliability

Searching for a way to reduce the threat of extended downtime and increase reliability, Glenn turned to GovConnection for an alternative backup solution.

Advanced Attacks Require Federal Agencies to Reimagine IT Security

The growing torrent of cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, stealthy, and dangerous, making the threat landscape more challenging than ever for federal agencies. Download this whitepaper to learn how agencies can protect invaluable data while saving time and resources.

Cutting Costs with Server Consolidation

Learn how a federal agency consolidated 255 servers down to 30, significantly cutting costs.

Overcoming the Security Challenges of the Cloud

To manage cloud security in today’s world, you need a solution that helps you address threats to your data and infrastructure, as well as the major challenges of cloud computing. These include changing attackers and threats, evolving architecture technologies, consumerization of IT, and dynamic and challenging regulatory environment.

Big Data: From Better Management to Better Insights

Big data can make a big differ­ence. It’s understandable if people lose sight of that, focused as they are on building the right infrastructure and finding the right tools for managing the on-going growth in data. But ultimately that technology has the potential to make a significant impact on government operations and services.

Wisdom of Crowds: Business Intelligence Market Study

Howard Dresner’s 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence market study showcases in-depth market analysis, 80 charts and tables and 23 vendor rankings and is unique in that the findings are completely crowd-sourced from actual BI users, implementers and purchasers. This year’s study shows that SaaS/Cloud, Dashboards, and Mobile Device Support have increased significantly in terms of importance. Read on to find out where BI is headed!

Managing Linux and Windows Clients Equally

This whitepaper will explain how agencies can run both run both Linux and Windows 7 in parallel, along with legacy Windows XP desktops, by leveraging a gold master image that standardizes the operating systems and applications management, while retaining user personalization.

The Most Secure VDI For Your Data

This whitepaper will explain how moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure can help organizations greatly reduce risk in key areas that present challenges, including BYOD, multi-level security and business continuity.

Ensuring Application Security in Mobile Device Environments

As a result of the increase in wireless devices in the workforce, organizations are becoming more concerned with mobile security. Many, in fact, see this area as a primary technology challenge to address and a main focus for security initiatives.

Beyond the Next Generation:Putting Advanced Network Security to Work

As the network has evolved, so has network security. Firewalls retain their role of first-line filtration based on policy, but have grown to embrace a wider range of capability. In this report, EMA highlights specific examples of the ways in which converged security systems put today’s more advanced capabilities to work in practical application.

Identity and Access Intelligence:Transforming the Nature of Enterprise Security

In this paper, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts describe the nature of identity and access intelligence and the factors that are driving this important aspect of security evolution. Learn how Identity and Access Intelligence helps organizations rethink thier defense against a wide range of threats, cope with mobile and cloud security challenges and proactively protect sensitive IT assets.