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The 2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey finds commitment strong, but morale declining.

What: The Office of Personnel Management's "2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results" shares the perspectives of government workers on supervision, leadership and a host of special topics, such as teleworking and part-time employment.

Why: OPM has conducted the survey annually since 2002. This year, more than 687,000 federal employees participated, the highest number so far. Although specific results vary by agency and even among agency components, the report concludes that feds are hardworking, motivated and mission-focused. However, satisfaction with pay and overall morale have declined.

Verbatim: "This year the steady trend of improvement has changed; governmentwide scores have dropped on every index, and 36 items decreased between two and five percentage points from 2011 to 2012. While the federal workforce still holds strong and positive views on many critical items, the combined voices of more than 687,000 employees cannot be dismissed."

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Reader comments

Wed, Jan 15, 2014

We are in a down fall and we can not get up cause we have to many humane society's dictating what is our rights. We have lost site of what is right and wrong. Sure we should be Christians and care for people but they should also help themselves by doing what is right for them. I had a supervisor tell me that if IT works late that is part of there contract and no comp time is allowed. Where did we miss the boat, you work your 8 hours and any time after that is paid or given as comp time. OPM really needs to address this with all goverment agencies, cause that will show that we work our time plus more.

Wed, Jul 10, 2013

How the h..., do you want us to be productive no incentives, no raises, more work. It is me but everyone above me stupid......

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

Leadership comes from the top, and if it just stinks then the rest of it trickles down. As long as you have politicians and Judges making decisions that they really do not understand then we will continue to falter. Do we really need to supervise every tom-dick and harry that gets in trouble with the law. That means this criminals that are just users and will continue to use wether you or I watch them or put them in rehab. Only criminal we should put on probation are petti-files and drug lords. Some of the rape charges were in-consent. Our grandparents and parents would be in jail if we applied all the laws that we have now. Our fore fathers that wrote the constitution would be in jail. Somewhere with all this humane society organizations we have lost control of our kids and prisons. You can not spank your kids or be careful how you do it, sorry but that is exactly the problem now. When our kids are not afraid of a good busting or being able to talk back to the teachers then we have lost control of our schools and respect for your elders. When inmates can make demands for TV's, weights, food and better beds then we have lost control. They should be working in fields, streets, etc..., chain gangs. Not seating around watching TV or lifting weights or planning how they can get out and put a whipping on put them there or learning form other inmates how to rob the public. We should only give them a high school diploma or GED, if they want to study at night while they are in there, not lawyers, plumber or electrician degress or license. Thats how they get in your houses and busisnesses. Time to grow up............

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

The report seems to be a bit of a white-wash. While there will always be some people disatisfied with their leadership, when you cannot get even two-thirds to have a positive view of their leadership in ANY category and less than half are positive in some categories, then you have a real problem. (This looks really bad when about a third of the respondents where part of the leadership.) Blaming it on the public's view of government emplyees or lack of pay raises does not come even close to explaining the magnitude of this problem. It is obvious to me that the problem is that a large portion of the leadership does not fully respect their workers or the rules they are supposed to follow that are intended to create a decent environment for the workers. Just look at the questions being asked and it is clear from the responses that the Government LEADERS have a serious problem treating their employees fairly but are more likely to engage in favortism/cronyism. The Leadership questions are not about outside factors. But this report tries to point out that that is likely the main problem. This type of whitewashing is exactly why there is such such a problem in this area of the Government. Until the Government recognizes that a very large portion of the leaders in the Fed workplace are either inept or lack proper ethical standards, there will continue to be serious problems with how well the Government works - and this effects how both the Federal employees as well as the public at-large view the government.

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