Obama announces plan to bump feds' pay in 2014

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President Barack Obama has announced plans for pay increases of one percent for both civilian federal employees and military personnel.

"Civilian Federal employees have already made significant sacrifices as a result of a three-year pay freeze," Obama wrote in letters to Congress released Aug. 30. The one percent increase for feds applies to those working under the General Schedule (GS) and for other pay systems not specified in the letter. Locality pay percentages will remain at 2013 levels. Obama can set an alternative plan for civilian pay under federal law.

The one percent increase in monthly military pay is also authorized under statute. "This decision is consistent with my fiscal year 2014 Budget and will not materially affect the Federal Government's ability to attract and retain well-qualified members for the uniformed services," Obama wrote.

The pay increases take effect Jan. 1, 2014.

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Reader comments

Sat, Dec 7, 2013

LOL, how about this reality check, I've given myself an effective raise by actually stating to charge for overtime... Yeah, screw your 1%, until the ban overtime (which is just fine too), I'm making up for the lack of these pay increases by simply not donating my time. Fair's fair! Suck it Mr. President, your now paying me more for the same level of effort! And it's going to be even more in the coming year because I get to decide when certain work gets done. Yeah, you can't win Pal, keep trying.

Tue, Sep 3, 2013

I've become so used to criticism and disrespect from our president, congressmen, and news media that I don't remember how to accept anything remotely positive. Wasn't it supposed to be .5% last year? I'm thinking zero again...

Tue, Sep 3, 2013 Dee Northwest US

It'll be another thing to get this passed / past congress' gridlock unless htere is a benefit for them (re: resotring FAA funding just in time for their holiday). He can do this, but congress holds the power to authorize (or not) all spending. If he doesn't get them on it, it won't really fly, and may backfire.

Tue, Sep 3, 2013

@lostFaith. When we start getting significantly larger pay raises, then you can worry about inflation. Remember, inflation means more money for all. Everyone likes a point. QE isn't causing inflation because money is not being printed. Money is being shifted from the federal reserve banks "excess reserves" to the fed to buy bonds with. To the point of the raise, 1% after being absolutely frozen at 2010 level is pathetic. Meanwhile, the CSRS retirees get the FULL CPI COLA every year. Sad that CSRS retirees get more of an increase than active working productive folks. This 4 year freeze will permanently reduce lifetime earnings significantly. Why in the heck did I think I wanted to work for the gvot those 29 years ago??


If you still wonder why we have such a debt problem in this country, let me help you understand the cause. Simple math. Our president can't add. Federal employees have not had a raise in 5 years as of January 2014. The last raise was in January 2009. Insurance rate increases every year and other cost increases equals a pay decrease still and my credit card debt proves it. Thank you Mr. President for your act of good faith of too little too late. Is anyone else buying into this lie? Next year raise or not, I'll have to cancel insurance because I can't afford it even though the Feds say I can. I know my budget and what I can afford. I don't need our leaders who are several trillion in debt and rising to use their math skills to tell me what I can afford. I know I can't. Mr President, Leaders of Congress and the House, pay off our debt by years end and show me a surplus, then I'll be ready to listen to sound advise from you. Since that won't and can't happen.... need I say more America! 1%, I just don't see the humor in this joke, ITS STILL A PAY DECREASE!

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