• young people working

    What's so special about federal fellows?

    A reader wonders if a recent article on the effects of the shutdown on federal fellowships means FCW is not concerned about the rest of the federal workforce. Read More

  • gsa atrium

    It's about more than where you sit

    Some readers felt the concerns of contractors about GSA's renovated office space were not particularly relevant. Are they right? Read More

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  • NOAA storm imagery

    Readers rankled over NOAA satellites

    Should NOAA continue to manage satellite programs? Some readers are dubious. Read More

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  • Fed 100 logo

    Crafting a winning Fed 100 nomination

    FCW will open this year's Fed 100 nominations soon. Here are some tips on how to give your nominations their best chance at impressing our judges. Read More

  • keyhole digital

    How deep does NSA incursion at NIST go?

    Readers wonder whether revelations that NSA influenced some NIST standards imply a deeper connection. Read More

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  • FedRAMP logo -- GSA image

    More than one path for FedRAMP

    Questions persist about agency-granted authorities to operate. Read More

  • cloud concept with man in suit

    Can a foreign firm safeguard American privacy?

    A Canadian firm has been hired to design a credentialing system for federal agencies, causing at least one reader to raise a question. Read More

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  • iStockPhoto / FCW

    Sourcing restrictions: prudent or punitive?

    Rules limiting procurement from China are only part of the international picture. Read More

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  • compass innovation

    Sequester not to blame for lack of innovation

    The government has been wasting money in IT for the past decade, so blaming the current budget situation for a refusal to innovate is misplaced. Read More

  • surveillance camera

    If not Clapper, then who?

    A reader confirms the sense of uncertainty not only over who should lead an intelligence review, but who should be involved. Read More