• thumbprint

    What 'continuous monitoring' means in the clearance context

    Several proposals would require access to consumer databases as well as records from local and state law enforcement and federal financial regulators. Read More

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  • Videoconference

    Readers take on telework

    Despite complaints from some, metrics support the idea that telework helps boost productivity. Read More

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  • Wolf Tombe, Customs and Border Protection (Photo: Flickr/GTRA)

    Does CBP’s Tombe expect too much from the cloud?

    Readers challenged the Customs and Border Protection CTO’s assertion that 99.999 percent reliability should not cost extra. Read More

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  • fingerprint

    Behind clearance reform, a struggle in data collection

    Readers weigh in with real-life experience from both sides of the vetting process. Read More

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  • Soda Spill - Shutterstock Image

    Should risky employees be allowed to hang around?

    A reader takes issue with the notion that terminated government employees need to be ushered out the door quickly. Read More

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  • workers

    'Great servers, unhappy administrators'

    A reader bemoans the way agencies treat IT workers while looking for new ways to recruit and retain skilled professionals. Read More

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