• Paul Broun

    NASA, NOAA chastised over testimony

    Lawmaker finds agencies 'inconsiderate' during hearing on satellite coverage. Read More

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  • revolving door

    GSA's Bajinder Paul to change agencies

    Paul will become CIO at the Federal Trade Commission. Read More

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  • gloved hands

    Is cyber-offense the answer?

    A private-sector expert warns that industry 'has had enough' of cyber-attacks, and wants stronger deterrence from feds. Read More

  • Chris Kemp

    Former NASA CTO steps aside at his OpenStack-focused startup

    Nebula founder Chris Kemp shifts to chief strategy officer, brings in new CEO. Read More

  • James Clapper

    Could ICITE have stopped Snowden?

    DNI James Clapper argues that a new IT initiative might have prevented the leaks of classified information that exposed details about NSA operations. Read More

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  • Jo Ann Rooney

    Obama nominates deputies for VA, Navy

    If the nominees gain Senate approval, they will fill roles vacant since spring. Read More

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  • cartoon image of workers leaving

    What retirement wave?

    Agency leaders have worried for years about a coming flood of retiring workers. The numbers, though, suggest the fear may be unnecessary. Read More

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  • John Klossner self portrait

    The appropriations game

    Cartoonist John Klossner's impression of the budget. Read More

  • James Bradley

    GPO picks second-in-command

    A new deputy public printer has been chosen. Read More

  • Edward Cardon

    Army swears in new cyber command leader

    Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon takes over from Maj. Gen. Rhett Hernandez. Read More

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