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  • Mass consumption in China

    A Harvard professor encounters China's burgeoning consumer culture. Read More

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  • A clue to keep employees happier during budget-cut times

    Research from the UK may provide federal managers a path forward, Steve Kelman writes. Read More

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  • Think the government is bureaucratic? Read on.

    Steve Kelman finds dealing with his bank is as much of a bureaucratic nightmare as the government at its worst. Read More

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  • Confessions of a PowerPoint convert

    A reluctant professor finds that PowerPoint presentations can enhance the quality of his teaching. Read More

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  • To learn more, keep quiet

    Observing a conference in a Muslim country during Ramadan provides a lesson about the value of understanding other cultures. Read More

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  • Of bureaucracy and Betty Crocker

    How instructions for making brownies are like rules for agency managers. Read More

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  • How to think about new policy proposals – feedback on my feedback

    Steve Kelman responds to criticism with some ideas on the most productive ways to think about policy proposals. Read More

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  • Leveraging buying power: A lesson from the private sector

    A purchasing group in a family of companies shows the government how it's done. Read More

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  • A new way to use past performance in contracting

    Steve Kelman offers an innovation for past-performance data. Read More

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  • Visiting Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum in Spain

    A trip to deliver a lecture leads to cultural opportunities. Read More