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  • One professor's adventures in the Singapore food scene

    Steve Kelman tastes the delights of the far east. Read More

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  • Singapore observations

    Steve Kelman's Singaporean experience translates into observations. Read More

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  • Asian Grammy coming soon?

    Singapore seeks to create an award for music similar to the Grammy. Read More

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  • Understanding wealth management in Singapore

    Steve Kelman learns why Singapore is an attractive destination for foreign money. Read More

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  • VA and reverse auctions: what's up?

    Steve Kelman urges VA to reverse its ban on reverse auctions. Read More

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  • Free expression in China: Opportunities and limits

    An English-language Chinese newspaper is surprisingly candid, Steve Kelman learns. Read More

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  • Should contractors keep the right to respond to past-performance reviews?

    Steve Kelman considers a proposal to disallow contractor responses to past-performance reviews. Read More

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  • PowerPoint and a new generation of visual learners

    Steve Kelman learns a few things about the power of images. Read More

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  • What Nixon and Kennedy could teach today's presidential contenders

    Steve Kelman looks back 52 years for insights today. Read More

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  • "Lin-sanity" reveals Chinese culture

The 2015 Federal 100

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