• How the $16 muffin story harms the discourse

    The story of conference muffins costing $16 each, a recently iconic mental image of government waste, is false -- and Steve Kelman explains why spreading such stories is harmful. Read More

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  • More ELC observations from Steve Kelman

    Steve Kelman offers thoughts from Williamsburg as ELC 2011 draws to a close. Read More

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  • Blogging from ELC: On PowerPoint, tight budgets and innovation

    Steve Kelman offers some initial observations on the scene at the Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Va. Read More

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  • Taiwan: Technology, theology and trouble

    Technology and theology dominate Taiwan's public discourse, Steve Kelman learns. Read More

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  • Listening in on GovLoop

    Steve Kelman takes time to hear what the GovLoopers are saying. Read More

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  • Air Force procurement contests take wing

    The Air Force discovers the value of contests as a route to innovation. Read More

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  • What annoys Chinese students

    Steve Kelman asks students about Facebook censorship, U.S. policy. Read More

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  • An aspect of Chinese culture you don't hear much about

    China's culture encourages those in power to run roughshod over those under their rule, from workplace bosses to police breaking up protests. Read More

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  • What does the $16 muffin really mean?

    Attention to allegedly overpriced conference muffins gives a false image of the reasons for the deficit, writes Steve Kelman. Read More

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  • A burst of Taiwanese democracy at Harvard

    Steve Kelman attends two Taiwanese political rallies without leaving Cambridge. Read More

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