• How to succeed at failure

    The government need not fear failure, as long as it knows what to do when it happens. Read More

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  • A truly effective Facebook scam :(

    Knowledge of human psychology helps scammers trick Facebook users, writes Steve Kelman. Read More

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  • Will students pay for news online?

    Steve Kelman learns about attitudes to the New York Times' pay model through conversations with students. Read More

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  • Good advice on past-performance from Wartime Contracting Commission

    A recent report from the Wartime Contracting Commission reminds Steve Kelman of his regret over a decision he made in the 1990s. Read More

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  • A discourse on the trials of the left-handed

    A left-handed professor learns about the difficulties lefties have to overcome. Read More

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  • Improving the purchase card program

    The government purchase card has made procuring low-cost items much easier, but there are ways the program could be improved, writes Steve Kelman. Read More

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  • How to make reverse auctions even better

    Steve Kelman advises FedBid on how to enhance the value of its reverse auction service. Read More

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  • Spread this around: Fresh ideas from the front lines of contracting

    Steve Kelman and a group of contracting official present a number of ideas that could be used elsewhere in the government. Read More

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  • Share-in-savings contracting coming back?

    Blogger Steve Kelman says the current budget environment gives agencies all the more reason to consider share-in-savings procurements. Read More

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  • Report from Sweden: Spring is in the air

    Blogger Steve Kelman notes changes of all sorts are afoot in Sweden. Read More