• data abstract

    DIA fleshes out data science needs

    While much of the DORE project remains classified, the Defense Intelligence Agency has released a few details about what it is looking for in the areas of Internet of things, social media and open-source support. Read More

  • keyhole digital

    DSS plans a move out of legacy systems

    The Defense Security Service needs an enterprise system to coordinate clearance monitoring, detect possible insider threats and other tasks. Read More

  • NOAA logo

    A public cloud for NOAA

    The agency is seeking information on solutions that can provide virtualization, storage services, network bandwidth, and management tools and capabilities. Read More

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  • E-mail circling the globe

    IRS looks to get a handle on email records

    In a recent request for information, the tax agency is seeking commercial solutions to electronic records management. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: digital fingerprint.

    OBIM looks for next-gen ID data processing

    The Office of Biometric Identity Management’s customers include DHS components such as CBP, CIS, ICE, FEMA, TSA and the Coast Guard. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: ebola virus.

    CDC seeks new data toolkit

    Agency wants a "single electronic platform" to visualize epidemiology data. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: cybersecurity radar.

    The Army's new approach to cyber

    The Cyber Battle Lab exemplifies a multifaceted model for cyber and electronic warfare. Read More

  • DHS logo

    A new approach to operational analysis

    DHS is considering converting its Studies and Analysis Institute into the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: illuminated connections between devices.

    Social Security wants new outreach channels

    The communications solutions would include chat, video messaging, secure screen sharing and ways for users to send attachments. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: software development.

    FAA seeks digital tool to aid investigations

    The FAA wants to buy a commercial off-the-shelf forensic case management software tool. Read More

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