Are You Ahead of Tomorrow’s Cyber Threat? What it takes to win the cyber war.
While many federal agencies employ multiple tools to harden their systems this approach remains reactive and fragmented . As the velocity and sophistication of cyber threats increase, it is no longer “good enough” to collect and access data in scattered silos and analyze after the fact.

Teradata provides a single, authoritative, ecosystem integrating InfoSec, Cyber Security & Network Operations Data Infrastructure, Analytics and Reporting. The solution enables near Real-Time Cyber Analytics shrinking the critical time from detection to remediation.



  • Big Data Analytics In Cyber Defense Infographic Download

    Exciting new analytics and data-optimizing technologies provide network visibility and proactive intelligence…a new paradigm for cyber security. This formula for success brings network activity into clear focus to detect and stop threats. Learn More

  • New Insights on Winning the Cyber War Download

    Given the complexity, velocity, and sophistication of today's cyber attacks, it is no longer suitable to work with the conventional tools that are reactive; we can shorten time to remediation if we can bring in information in near real time and analyze it as it is occurring. Learn More