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  • Government Cloud: A New Era in Collaboration

    Demand for online collaboration tools and services throughout the public sector is skyrocketing – and for good reason. Enabling government employees to collaborate with their colleagues, coworkers, suppliers and stakeholders both within and outside government promises to boost efficiency and foment the frictionless flow of knowledge. Numerous government agencies are getting serious about collaboration because each sees opportunities to improve information sharing and productivity, support real-time communications during crises and reduce the money spent on large in-person meetings or conferences. 10/01/2014

  • Tableau Software at the Department of Defense: A Visual Approach to Rapidly Transforming an Enterprise Culture

    This session will explain the approach used to rapidly deploy integrated and interactive logistics views for the leadership at the U.S. Army Materiel Command and the resulting impact on their enterprise culture and their mission. 09/30/2014

  • Best Practices for Network and Storage Efficiency

    IT executives throughout the public sector are eager to enhance how agency data is captured, processed, analyzed and stored. Faced with skyrocketing demand from government workers, the military and citizens, decision-makers are pondering how best to build out their networking and storage infrastructures to improve application performance and responsiveness while at the same time reduce costs. 09/24/2014

  • The Virtualization Playbook: Impact on Public Sector Data Storage

    In order to cope with the day-to-day challenges of IT management many agencies turn to virtualization technologies. 09/17/2014

  • Healthcare and mobility: How mobile solutions are revolutionizing patient care

    Healthcare and mobility: How mobile solutions are revolutionizing patient care Increasingly, healthcare organizations are providing medical professionals with mobile technology through which they can access patient information easily from anyplace a patient might be. This webcast will share best practices and lessons learned from one of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the United States. 09/16/2014


  • Solution Brief: Streamline VDI with Nutanix

    Hear about the Nutanix desktop virtualization solution to learn more about some of its key benefits: lowest TCO for both persistent and non-persistent desktops, low boot time and application response, predictable growth and forecasting and more!

  • Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

    Learn more about the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform: an extensible, appliance based server with built-in enterprise storage to power any virtual machine (VM). Nutanix converges server and storage resources into an integrated platform so that datacenter capacity can be easily expanded – one node at a time – delivering linear and predictable scale-out with pay-as-you-grow flexibility.

  • The Virtualization Playbook

    The increasing complexity of the government enterprise—and the increasing volume and complexity of the data being managed—is forcing agency IT managers to rethink how they manage the infrastructure. Virtualization is at the center of that. By virtualizing key elements of the data center, agencies gain flexibility, scalability and manageability. And those gains are magnified when agencies integrate those systems into a cohesive whole. At the same time, IT managers are looking to bolster their infrastructures with emerging storage and storage management options. The data center of the future is taking shape now.

  • 8 Strategies for Building a Modern Datacenter

    Enterprise datacenters are straining to keep pace with dynamic business demands, as well as to incorporate advanced technologies and architectures that aim to improve infrastructure performance, scale and economics. Meeting these requirements, however, often requires a complete rethinking of how datacenters are designed and managed. Fortunately, many enterprise IT architects and leading cloud providers have already demonstrated the viability and the benefits of a more modern, software-defined datacenter. This Nutanix white paper examines eight fundamental steps leading to a more efficient, manageable and scalable datacenter.

  • Virtual Computing Platform Specifications

    Download this informative spec sheet to learn how you can utilize the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform today and to learn more about both the NX-1000 Series and the NX-3000 Series.