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  • How Automation is Dramatically Changing the Federal Compliance Landscape

    Discover how automated compliance solutions are helping agencies reduce the time and resources required to achieve and maintain compliance with federal standards such as FISMA, FedRAMP and HIPAA by up to 50%. 11/19/2014

  • Health Data in the Cloud: From Information to Insights

    When it comes to health data, the more people who can access it the more valuable it is. That is why the cloud is so important. Health organizations are leveraging cloud technology and related tools to give researchers an unprecedented ability to access and mine health data. This webcast will provide government health agencies with new ideas for taking full advantage of the cloud. 11/19/2014

  • A Full-Spectrum, Holistic Cybersecurity Capability

    In today's global landscape, we must address the mission needs of the entire organization including Information Assurance, Security, Counterintelligence, Inspector General and Legal entities. Attend this webcast and learn how you can achieve great efficiency. 11/18/2014

  • Path to Safe Cities

    Large urban population brings tremendous economic opportunities together with a myriad of public safety risks. These risks are increasing in diversity and intensity. How can city governments/education establishments protect its citizens/students and facilitate society’s well-being in the face of these existing and emerging threats? The stowaway security breach incident at San Jose Airport earlier this year is just one example of why the traditional labor intensive approach may need to be enhanced. View this webcast to learn the path to safe cities. 10/29/2014

  • Cloud Solutions: Building in Security from the Ground Up

    When it comes to cloud solutions, agencies need options. Although a public cloud offering might make sense in some cases, it is not feasible in cases in which security and privacy are a concern. In this webcast, a panel of cloud security specialists from government and industry will discuss strategies and emerging solutions for developing a sound cloud-based approach to managing their applications and data. 10/07/2014


  • Health IT: Some Pain, Some Gain

    Health information technology is the right prescription for a health care system that is struggling to manage huge troves of health-related data and provide better and more affordable services to patients. Although the path to implementing electronic health records and achieving meaningful use has not been without some rough patches, speakers at a September 17th health IT conference in Washington, D.C., agreed that short-term pain is worth the long term-gain. Download this executive summary of the event to learn more.

  • Flash Storage: A Necessary Disruption

    It’s been a long time coming, but there is finally a revolution in storage that is breaking through performance barriers and allowing agencies to realize greater benefit from their growing data stores. The revolution is the all-flash storage array—solid state systems that use multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives. Read this informative whitepaper to learn why organizations are moving toward flash storage and the benefits this technology offers.

  • Application Deluge and Visibility Imperative

    Ensure network performance for your business-critical applications in private data centers, public clouds, and employee-owned mobile devices with complete application-level visibility across the entire environment.

  • 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Applications

    Read this whitepaper to learn how big data and mobile adoption creates new challenges for developers and what emerging best practices offer a guide for creating compelling, high-scale data-driven apps and solutions.

  • Keeping up with Mobile Demand

    There are many areas that government agencies should consider when working to improve mobility infrastructure and strategy. In the year 2016, the use of BYOD in government is expected to climb to 74 percent as agencies work to take advantage of this phenomenon. Based on the analysis of results from a new survey conducted by FCW and Beacon Technology Partners, here are some best practices that may help agencies achieve their mobility goals.