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  • stylized professionals

    Do you know who will follow you?

    Editor-in-Chief Troy K. Schneider says agencies could learn from the private sector's approach to succession planning. 07/25/2014

  • USGS earthquake map

    USGS shakes up earthquake maps

    An updated National Seismic Hazard Map reminds that the risks extend far beyond California. 07/25/2014

  • Shutterstock image: digital record management.

    State Department: Crash not 'malicious'

    The Consular Consolidated Database is operating at limited capacity after a glitch crippled it July 19. 07/25/2014

  • Social Security Administration Logo

    A $300 million IT flop

    Six years and nearly $300 million later, the Social Security Administration has decided to press "reset" on its project to improve the claim processing system. Here's what happened. 07/24/2014

  • Anne Rung -- Commerce Department Photo

    OFPP nominee lays out agenda

    Anne Rung told senators at her confirmation hearing that she hopes to create areas of specialization for acquisition officials. 07/24/2014

  • Shutterstock image: United States passport with an unidentifiable credit card resting underneath it.

    State's passport and visa system crashes

    Problems with the Consular Consolidated Database could strand thousands of people waiting for documents around the globe. 07/24/2014

  • Madelyn Creedon

    Senate confirms Creedon at NNSA

    New deputy administrator returns to the agency after a decade on Capitol Hill and at the Defense Department. 07/24/2014

  • Shutterstock image: minimalist image of data-driven cloud technology.

    FBI plans Amazon cloud for developers

    The FBI is looking for an unclassified system that conforms to the FISMA-moderate security level. 07/24/2014

  • Shutterstock image.

    FTC wants to stretch regulatory arm in big data

    FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen says the key to using big data is understanding its limits and “emphasizing the need for human judgment.” 07/23/2014

  • Shutterstock Image

    'Our goal is to eliminate you as an agency'

    Senators grill a little-known Commerce Department agency on whether it's a redundant repository for reports and a middleman for agencies seeking to avoid complicated acquisition rules. 07/23/2014