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  • UAV in flight

    Study: Pentagon needs strategic approach to UAVs

    A Center for Strategic and International Studies report notes decreased R&D spending at the same time several other countries are gearing up their own drone programs. 05/08/2014

  • Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel, shown here at a 2012 NIST event

    OMB plans Digital Service to improve IT delivery

    Tech professionals would serve in government for two- to four-year rotations on a full-time basis, possibly supplemented with private sector professionals pitching in a given project for a month at a time. 05/08/2014

  • audit paperwork

    GAO nudges DHS on high-risk areas

    A new report both commends and jabs DHS for its work on IT acquisition and management. 05/08/2014

  • Joseph Klimavicz

    Exit interview: Joseph Klimavicz

    The outgoing NOAA CIO says that of the many innovations he has led at the agency, a recently unveiled big data plan is the "most out of the box" -- and he is sorry he won't be around to see it through as he heads to the Justice Department. 05/08/2014

  • computer network

    NIH readies new IT contract

    The $20 billion solicitation will give agencies access to commodities and solutions related to a variety of IT initiatives, Washington Technology reports. 05/08/2014

  • Pairing up for shared services

    Potential users and providers should try to match their needs as closely as possible, top IT managers say. 05/08/2014

  • US Capitol

    Defense authorization bill boosts cybersecurity

    A House panel’s version of the annual defense policy measure would authorize increased cyber funding and require the administration to report back to Congress on a range of IT-related issues. 05/07/2014

  • Steve VanRoekel 102012

    Senate appropriators signal support for IT reform

    Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel said there is room for "policy and discussions" around expanded agency CIO authorities, but expressed concern that legislation might fail to take into account unforeseen future circumstances. 05/07/2014

  • NSA funds 'science of cybersecurity' research

    Four universities are participating through the creation of "lablets" -- small laboratories launched with a first-year cost of about $8 million. 05/07/2014

  • Cyberattack, financial services

    NIST eyes IT asset management for financial services industry

    The agency and its partner, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, are looking for collaborators on a model system to guard against cyberattacks. 05/07/2014