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  • Global Hawk drone

    Send in the drones

    Unmanned aerial systems are steadily spreading from military and intelligence missions to civilian agencies, but it can be a bumpy ride. 05/28/2014

  • Backstory - drones

    A menagerie of UAVs

    As civilian agencies expand their use of unmanned aerial systems, the vehicles themselves are as varied as the missions. 05/28/2014

  • room of computers

    SEWP explores strategic sourcing for PCs

    OMB directed a new Workstations Commodity Team to develop a way to quickly compare contracting vehicles that offer similar devices and services. 05/27/2014

  • file folders on a background with binary code

    GSA toots’s horn

    With 105,000 data sets provided by 227 federal entities, has grown to include 4.5 million unique visitors. 05/27/2014

  • Shaun Donovan

    Who is Shaun Donovan?

    Meet the housing expert, cross-government policy leader, and trained architect who is President Barack Obama's pick to take over OMB. 05/23/2014

  • Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel at the Feb. 6, 2014, Igniting Innovation event

    VanRoekel bullish on OMB digital service's potential

    Congressional approval needed to staff up, CIO says, but pilots prove agencies get real value. 05/23/2014

  • Image from

    DOJ recording policy raises tech questions

    Recording suspect interviews presents the department with the challenge of how it will create and store the information. 05/23/2014

  • asteroid called ida

    NASA's new view of asteroids

    NASA is partnering with Slooh, which has a global network of web-connected telescopes, to engage citizen scientists in helping track asteroids that might pose a threat to Earth. 05/22/2014

  • Robert Mueller

    Mueller: Cyber experts need offline investigative skills

    While agencies scramble to recruit cyber talent, former FBI Director Robert Mueller notes that law enforcement skills are also needed. 05/22/2014

  • Image from Shutterstock.

    Remembering the human element in innovation

    Tighter budgets could be a catalyst for rethinking how government operates, says OMB's Kathryn Stack. 05/22/2014