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  • Sue Swenson

    Vice chair promoted to top spot at FirstNet

    Longtime telecom exec Sue Swenson replaces Sam Ginn at the agency leading an effort to build a nationwide, interoperable public safety mobile broadband communications network. 05/29/2014

  • thumbprint

    OPM merges security investigation databases

    The Office of Personnel Management hopes combining databases on those with access to clearance investigations will bolster security. 05/29/2014

  • DARPA MTO areas of interest

    DARPA's micro-tech office returns to its roots

    With bio-engineering projects now handled by a dedicated office, MTO is looking at spectrum use and extending Moore's Law. 05/29/2014

  • Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon

    Army cyber chief wants more failure

    The Army's top cyber soldier makes a plea for leaner, faster development and more flexible budgets. 05/28/2014

  • Pointing to data-driven successes

    The White House Energy Datapalooza highlighted what the Obama administration says are money-saving -- and planet-saving -- uses of big data. 05/28/2014

  • Heartbleed Logo

    Heartbleed tested agency readiness

    A Democratic senator says "clear legal authority and processes to facilitate a seamless response" are still needed to effectively combat cyber threats, and the White House acknowledges "we still have more work to do." 05/28/2014

  • Global Hawk drone

    Send in the drones

    Unmanned aerial systems are steadily spreading from military and intelligence missions to civilian agencies, but it can be a bumpy ride. 05/28/2014

  • Backstory - drones

    A menagerie of UAVs

    As civilian agencies expand their use of unmanned aerial systems, the vehicles themselves are as varied as the missions. 05/28/2014

  • room of computers

    SEWP explores strategic sourcing for PCs

    OMB directed a new Workstations Commodity Team to develop a way to quickly compare contracting vehicles that offer similar devices and services. 05/27/2014

  • file folders on a background with binary code

    GSA toots’s horn

    With 105,000 data sets provided by 227 federal entities, has grown to include 4.5 million unique visitors. 05/27/2014