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  • census paper form

    Census keeps it short

    Defying complaints about wordy solicitations, the Census Bureau’s appeal for a "mega-project management" solution is only 192 words long. 09/26/2014

  • Jeffrey Neely, testifying before the House Oversight Committee in 2012

    Neely charged with fraud

    Former GSA official's lavish conference spending sparked the crackdown on federal travel and event attendance. 09/26/2014

  • Federal List
    Shutterstock image: the Capitol Building in autumn with orange leaves.

    5 key IT bills still pending in Congress

    Lawmakers continue to wrestle over issues related to cybersecurity, privacy and procurement reform. 09/26/2014

  • Commentary
    David Elfanbaum

    Why large government IT projects fail

    We need to end the 'conspiracy of hope' and embrace agile development as the best way to avoid fiascos on the scale of, writes Asynchrony's David Elfanbaum. 09/26/2014

  • Justice Department
    Eric Holder

    Eric Holder’s IT legacy

    The departing attorney general had no direct responsibility for information technology at DOJ, but the department dealt with multiple crises during his tenure, with mixed results. 09/25/2014

  • Open Data
    Shutterstock image: black and white image of the White House during the day.

    The skinny on the White House's new open-government initiatives

    The latest plan sets a timeline for implementing an open-source software policy by the end of 2015, among other goals. 09/25/2014

  • Management
    Shutterstock image.

    Who will be the next U.S. CIO?

    There are plenty of candidates to replace Steve VanRoekel, but the ultimate pick might depend on what role the new federal CIO will be expected to play. 09/25/2014

  • FedRAMP
    FedRAMP logo -- GSA image

    GAO rejects SRA FedRAMP protest

    SRA International's protest of an HHS cloud contract failed because the firm did not document its qualification for an authority to operate under FedRAMP. 09/25/2014

  • Workforce
    André Mendes

    BBG embracing the open office

    The Broadcasting Board of Governors is moving into a historic building, but choosing collaboration and flexibility over traditional offices and cubicles. 09/25/2014

  • News in Brief
    Rebecca Williams_GSA

    Sunlight's Williams to GSA, Shellshock to a computer near you and data center savings

    News and notes from around the federal IT community. 09/25/2014