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  • Acquisition
    FAR image GSA

    CBP offers 'explanation plus' to losing bidders

    The plan is to tell vendors who fail to win a contract why they lost, within the constraints of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, rather than just telling them that they did. 05/13/2014

  • FOSE

    News and notes from FOSE

    Highlights from the first day at the FOSE conference. 05/13/2014

  • Workforce
    Stewart Liff

    How to inspire government employees

    Dealing with problem employees head-on can go a long way toward improving performance and morale. 05/13/2014

  • Management
    Complexity (Shutterstock image)

    Change, technology and the federal workforce

    From using data intelligently to adjusting to a younger workforce to training with a purpose, experts analyze the near-future of government. 05/13/2014

  • Management
    Executive Team (Shutterstock Image)

    DHS looking for a few good private-sector executives

    TSA and CBP are now participating in the Loaned Executive Program, which brings private-sector executives into federal agencies for unpaid six-month assignments. 05/12/2014

  • Project Management
    Dan Chenok

    How to 'Pre-Stat' your IT

    Managing complex federal IT projects requires not just the best development practices, but across-the-board engagement of agency leaders. 05/09/2014

  • Census
    census paper form

    Census pushes electronic reporting for company survey

    Moving elements of the economic census to the web is part of larger effort by the Census Bureau to move all data collection online. 05/09/2014

  • IT services
    man with light bulb sign

    GSA holds Demo Day for 18F

    The General Services Administration's coming-out party for its 18F digital incubator showed off the program's multifaceted capabilities. 05/09/2014

  • Editor's Note
    man graphs performance

    Stat overflow?

    Screening IT projects at the start could be a boon -- but it's got to be done right. 05/09/2014

  • Cybersecurity
    computers and globe_data sharing

    Lockheed looks to open standards

    The standardized software is intended to boost the sharing of cyber-threat information through automation. 05/09/2014