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  • Management
    org chart in 3D

    Project management, Jedi style

    Major IT projects require a "do, or do not" approach, say those who have been through the wringer. 03/13/2014

  • Workforce
    diagram of work team

    A window into the federal soul

    Technology can simultaneously amplify mistakes and make them easier for customers – in the government’s case, citizens – to see. 03/13/2014

  • Homeland security
    SBInet surveillance tower

    Agencies at odds over border tech

    CBP official Mark Borkowski complained that the agency's new system was being unfairly linked to the failed SBInet program. 03/12/2014

  • Mobility

    Data the key factor in mobile device management

    Few people care about what happens to a device, points out Good Technology CTO Nicko van Someren, but most care what happens to the data on it. 03/12/2014

  • Management
    OMB DDM Beth Cobert, testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Jan. 14, 2014

    Cobert: TechStat will adapt to agile development

    A renewed focus on improving IT delivery in the wake of’s troubles includes intervening earlier in the development cycle and examining the direction and risk of projects at the pilot stage. 03/12/2014

  • Budget
    Org Chart Stock Art - Shutterstock

    OPM lays out IT recruiting plan

    The effort includes assessing performance through a new automated system set to launch this year. 03/11/2014

  • Critical Read
    computers and globe_data sharing

    Study: Shared services could save government $28 billion

    While three quarters of respondents said shared services are a strategic initiative for their agency CIOs, only about 40 percent of agencies have defined goals and objectives. 03/11/2014

  • Management
    Obama and the budget

    2013 lapses drive new performance goals

    The cross-agency priority goals announced in the 2015 budget grew out of the failures of and NSA security in the Snowden affair. 03/10/2014

  • Open Government
    Image of file folders

    Federal agencies flunking FOIA

    None of the 15 agencies studied earned an A on a Freedom of Information Act report card from the Center for Effective Government, and seven – including DOD, DHS and State – got an F. 03/10/2014

  • Telework
    vacant desk

    Telework Week totals more than 160,000 participants

    Mobile Work Exchange calculates that this year’s 163,495 Telework Week participants -- most of them federal employees -- saved nearly $14 million in commuting costs. 03/10/2014