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  • Commentary
    Bob Woods

    How to get along with Congress

    Testifying before a congressional committee doesn’t have to be an ordeal. These tips can help agency leaders stay calm and focused under fire. 10/01/2012

  • Commentary
    steve kelman

    Research just proves the obvious? Not so fast.

    Academic research is full of surprises, Steve Kelman maintains, even though many people believe it only shows what's already obvious. 09/12/2012

  • Anne Armstrong

    Are small-business set-asides helping?

    After nearly 35 years of small-business contracting goals, it's worth asking how the set-asides are doing in delivering the intended results. 09/10/2012

  • Commentary
    Mark Drapeau

    Keeping work and life balanced in a BYOD world

    In an age when employees are expected to always be available, maintaining a work/life boundary is tough -- but managers can make it happen. 09/05/2012


    EDITORIAL: Technology meets cultural resistance on ID cards

    In the United States, cultural and political opposition to a national identity card is all but insurmountable. Yet the need for a workable solution grows more pressing by the day. 08/27/2012

  • Commentary
    Sampriti Ganguli

    Hire for inclusion, not just diversity

    'Inclusion recruiting' might seem like a fuzzy concept, but Sampriti Ganguli argues that it makes for a much more effective workplace than focusing on diversity alone. 08/27/2012

  • Commentary
    Richard Moulds

    Risk and reward in the cloud: How to attack security concerns.

    A cloud platform solves some problems but introduces new security risks. Richard Moulds provides strategies for addressing them. 08/23/2012


    Pink slips and budgets

    It says a lot about the budget limbo we live in that yet another continuing resolution counts as progress. 08/15/2012

  • Commentary
    Alan Balutis

    At NOAA, there's gambling at Rick's

    NOAA's recently revealed reprogramming of funds should come as a shock to no one, says Alan Balutis. 08/13/2012

    Steve Kelman

    Building better jobs for feds

    A study from nearly 20 years ago could provide insight into improving the federal work environment, writes Steve Kelman. 08/08/2012

    Bob Woods

    What's with all these chiefs?

    Why are there so many chiefs in government? And if that word is in your title, are you a hotshot or a hat rack? 08/07/2012

  • Commentary
    Jaime Gracia

    Technology offers no silver bullet

    Technology implemented without rethinking processes won't solve much, writes consultant Jaime Gracia. 08/06/2012

  • Anne Armstrong

    FCW Editorial: Summing up the Networx challenges

    Now halfway through its contract period, Networx is experiencing some difficulties in getting agencies to transition to the new vendors and the new offerings. 07/27/2012

  • Network Procurement
    John Johnson

    Networx: A vision for the future

    As GSA designs the next big network services contract, a veteran of the development and management of Networx and FTS 2001 has some advice to offer. 07/26/2012

  • Network Procurement
    Cedric Sims

    Networx: A gauge of its flexibility

    After aiding in an agency transition to Networx, consultant Cedric Sims takes stock of the contract's progress so far. 07/25/2012

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