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  • Management
    Alan Balutis

    Removing barriers to government performance improvement

    In his State of the Union address, Obama called for a smarter government. Our readers have some ideas about how to get there. 02/15/2013

  • John Klossner self portrait

    Leaders build more than teams

    John Klossner takes a fresh look at the pyramid. 02/08/2013

  • Steve Kelman

    How conformists can spark creativity

    Conformity may seem like the enemy of innovation, but Steve Kelman finds that's not necessarily true. 02/08/2013

  • Management
    Kris VanRiper and Chris Cattie

    How to foster better performance

    The traditional view of success focuses on an employee’s ability to complete assignments, but managers need to broaden that view to reflect changes in the workplace, write CEB's Van Riper and Cattie. 01/25/2013

  • Emergency Management
    Keith Rhodes

    How to prepare for natural disasters

    The federal government should use the latest technology to make information and lessons from previous disasters available to state and local responders nationwide, writes Keith Rhodes. 01/22/2013

  • John Klossner self portrait

    Important dates

    What are those marks on the calendar for? Cartoonist John Klossner knows. 01/11/2013

  • Procurement
    Steve Schmidt, Flexara Software

    How DOD can make sense of its software

    A little-noticed provision in the Defense Authorization Act could bring big savings through license optimization, writes Flexera's Stephen Schmidt. 01/10/2013

  • CTO Todd Park

    Innovation at a 95-percent discount

    The Presidential Innovation Fellows program impresses Steve Kelman with its blend of high creativity and low cost. 01/08/2013

  • Procurement
    Steve Kelman

    A winning idea for innovation

    Contests offer an attractive alternative to traditional procurements in some situations, bringing innovative solutions to agencies to attack unusual problems, writes Steve Kelman. 01/04/2013

  • White House
    Julie Anderson

    Memo to Obama: How to build a bold management agenda

    In his second term, the president should continue improving the management of government resources, including IT, by adhering to three basic principles, writes Julie Anderson. 01/03/2013