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  • tax form and keyboard

    Taxes and software, take two

    Steve Kelman gets another reminder that private-sector software can fall short, too. 04/11/2014

  • Acquisition
    Jaime Gracia

    Why past performance must be part of acquisition reform

    Past performance is one of the most important factors in contractor selection, and the government should do more to ensure that such information is accurate and objective. 04/11/2014

  • CIO Perspective
    Richard Spires

    Program management: The people factor

    Other fundamentals matter little if the right team is not in place, but too often key roles go unfilled, writes Richard Spires. 04/08/2014

  • Comment
    Benjamin Knopf and Brian Gagnon of CEB

    Identifying and managing troubled projects

    CEB research shows that early problem identification and escalation are crucial to project success, yet the warning signs are all too often overlooked. 04/04/2014

  • Editor's Note
    light bulb

    The ABCs of 18F

    When GSA announced its in-house development startup, it got people talking, and not all the chatter was positive. 04/01/2014

  • steve kelman

    Debacle or triumph: The deciding factors

    Steve Kelman looks at four fundamental factors that can determine whether a large-scale IT project fails or flourishes. 04/01/2014

  • Commentary
    Alan Balutis larger version

    Obama's management agenda stays the course

    The fiscal 2015 budget proposal continues the Obama administration's effort to create a more responsive, agile and dynamic government. 03/31/2014

  • Comment
    Mark Weber

    4 key trends that every CIO should watch

    The hot topics of 2014 are evolving quickly, and they present challenges and opportunities for federal agencies. 03/27/2014

  • Cybersecurity
    Dan Chenok and John Lainhart of IBM

    The key to cost-effective cybersecurity

    Leaders need to understand their responsibilities for achieving sound information security and managing IT-related security risks. 03/27/2014

  • U.S.-China conversation.  Shutterstock image.

    The latest in Chinese IT

    Steve Kelman reports that Chinese firms are advancing beyond knockoffs to produce real innovations. 03/26/2014