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  • Security
    stylized professionals

    Snowden's actions raise ire in defense community

    The public's opinion on Edward Snowden may be split, but security-cleared defense professionals are more united. 08/09/2013

  • Leadership
    Dave Wennergren

    Wennergren on key projects

    David Wennergren, finishing 32 years of government service in his last role as the Defense Department's assistant deputy chief management officer, spoke with FCW about lessons he learned while driving major projects. 08/09/2013

  • IT Community
    cloud concept with man in suit

    For many in federal IT, the cloud remains hazy

    Federal IT shops are still struggling to implement broad mobility, security and cloud services and solutions – and that's all after overcoming the multiple challenges of acquiring those kinds of technologies. 08/07/2013

  • Exit Interview
    Dave Wennergren

    David Wennergren on the role of the CIO

    The Defense Department's outgoing assistant deputy chief management officer spoke with FCW about the many different types of agency CIO. 08/07/2013

  • revolving door

    McAfee's Phyllis Schneck reportedly heading to DHS

    Security firm's CTO will take over for Bruce McConnell as undersecretary of cybersecurity, according to sources. 08/06/2013

  • Lori Garver

    NASA's deputy administrator leaving space agency

    Lori Garver has a private-sector career planned. 08/06/2013

  • First Person
    Dave Wennergren

    David Wennergren: The exit interview

    As he wrapped up 32 years of government service, the Defense Department's assistant deputy chief management officer spoke with FCW about leadership and the importance of understanding people. 08/06/2013

  • US Capitol

    Will Coburn lift Archuleta hold?

    The Obama administration's signal that the federal government would continue to offer contributions to the health care premiums of congressional staffers appears to clear the way for Sen. Tom Coburn to lift a hold on the OPM nominee. 08/05/2013

  • Cybersecurity
    NASCAR race

    NASCAR, NASA and the secret to cybersecurity

    Stock-car racing and space exploration may seem to have little in common, but they hold a common key to cybersecurity success. 08/05/2013

  • Davita Vance-Cooks

    Senate confirms historic GPO nominee

    Davita Vance-Cooks becomes the first African-American and the first woman to hold the position of Public Printer, taking over the printing office's advance into a digital future. 08/02/2013