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  • IT services
    compass innovation

    Industry takes a wait-and-see attitude on 18F

    GSA's digital incubator program has some private-sector leaders wondering if the agency is encroaching on their territory. 04/01/2014

  • Editor's Note
    light bulb

    The ABCs of 18F

    When GSA announced its in-house development startup, it got people talking, and not all the chatter was positive. 04/01/2014

  • steve kelman

    Debacle or triumph: The deciding factors

    Steve Kelman looks at four fundamental factors that can determine whether a large-scale IT project fails or flourishes. 04/01/2014

  • Cybersecurity

    Cyberattacks: Too much how, not enough why

    The Intelligence and National Security Alliance wants potential victims to pay attention to strategy rather than tactics. 03/31/2014

  • Commentary
    Alan Balutis larger version

    Obama's management agenda stays the course

    The fiscal 2015 budget proposal continues the Obama administration's effort to create a more responsive, agile and dynamic government. 03/31/2014

  • Critical Read
    UAV in flight

    A business model for drones

    Advances in IT provide an opportunity for DOD to rethink how it acquires, designs and builds unmanned systems. 03/31/2014

  • People
    Senator Barbara Mikulski

    Can Barbara Mikulski fix the appropriations process?

    The Senate Appropriations chairwoman -- whose state is home to more than 100,000 federal employees -- could be agencies' best hope for a return to regular order. 03/31/2014

  • Budget
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler testifying before Congress

    FCC seeks $13.5 million for IT modernization

    Chairman Tom Wheeler calls his agency's computer systems incompatible and highly inefficient. 03/28/2014

  • IT services

    18F unveils first pilot app

    FBOpen is designed to make it easier for small businesses to search for contracting opportunities. 03/28/2014

  • Communications
    Airport security officer screening luggage

    TSA wants to link alarms with CCTV

    Improving the interoperability of first responders' radio systems was also among the recommendations in a report written in response to the killing of a TSA officer last fall at LAX. 03/28/2014