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  • Capitol Hill
    view of U.S. Capitol through window

    Coping with Congress

    Lawmakers have given agencies long-term funding clarity for the first time in years. But the lack of budget drama could open the door to other conflicts. 04/30/2014

  • Capitol Hill
    photo of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

    EPA and Congress clash over regulatory authority

    For Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, getting to know Capitol Hill has not been a pleasant experience. 04/30/2014

  • Open Data
    Joe Jordan

    Storehouse of procurement numbers could aid Data Act implementation

    Information gathered as part of the reverse auction process could provide the type of granular data that's hard to come by. 04/30/2014

  • Open data
    computers and globe_data sharing

    Data Act sponsors look to implementation

    Key backers say they will hold OMB's "feet to the fire" to ensure the agency lives up to the measure's requirements. 04/29/2014

  • Cybersecurity
    power lines at sunset

    DOE releases cyber procurement guidelines

    The nonbinding rules are aimed at reducing vulnerabilities in the power sector's procurement process. 04/29/2014

  • Cybersecurity
    keyhole digital

    Industry stresses flexibility on cyber acquisition rules

    The Telecommunications Industry Association also told GSA that federal workforce training is crucial to bolstering cybersecurity in the acquisition process. 04/29/2014

  • Workforce

    GSA, OPM team up to tackle training

    The goal is to deliver better-focused training packages with more cost-effective contracts. 04/28/2014

  • Congress
    US Capitol

    Data Act sent to president

    The House passed the spending transparency legislation easily, as the Senate did earlier, but it's not clear what the White House position is. 04/28/2014

  • Editor's Note
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    Seeking some common ground

    Federal IT is difficult enough without viewing agencies and industry as zero-sum adversaries, writes FCW's Troy K. Schneider. 04/28/2014

  • Big Data
    analytics concept art

    Big data policy preview reveals equity concerns

    “We need to pay careful attention to what unexpected outcomes the use of big data might lead to, and how to remedy any unintended discrimination or inequality that may result," according to presidential advisor John Podesta, who is heading up a White House policy review. 04/28/2014