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Security and Recovery for Sharepoint

No matter how powerful and effective SharePoint is, the very nature of this power can send SharePoint into unmanaged chaos and expose your organization to content security risks. Protecting your SharePoint content from prying eyes, ensuring its availability to those who need it and auditing all activities and users across your environment are top priorities for compliance driven organizations.

Get relief from that uneasy feeling that your SharePoint infrastructure is vulnerable. Quest will help you discover all of your SharePoint instances, secure access to content with granular permissions, report and audit changes across your environment and protect your data from accidental deletions or disaster scenarios in order to maintain a secure and reliable environment.

Attendees can expect to learn how to:

  • Find all SharePoint instances
  • Secure access to content with granular permissions
  • Report and audit changes across the environment
  • Protect data from accidental deletions or disaster scenarios