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Building a Better infrastructure for Big Data Analytics in Federal Government

Distributed computing environments play an increasingly critical role in delivering new capabilities to federal agencies today. From machine data analytics, to scenario and weather modeling, to predictive analytics, defense and healthcare agencies face unique challenges including scale, rapidly shifting threats, and the need for time critical analysis. In addition, as new applications are deployed, agencies run the risk of “cluster sprawl” – or multiple underutilized environments that can send operational costs spiraling out of control.

In this session, IBM will provide an overview of its big data platform including software tools that can speed the development and deployment of new capabilities. IBM will also discuss how low-latency grid management software is helping organizations solve cluster sprawl in Hadoop and other distributed cluster environments by enabling diverse analytics applications to share resources dynamically on an agile, cost-efficient, multitenant infrastructure.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The most important big data use cases for public sector clients and why
  • How to maximize workload performance in shorter times, and prevent real world threats
  • How to prepare for emerging big data challenges in federal government
  • How federal healthcare agencies can use social media analytics to better prepare for contagion