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Advanced Attacks Require Federal Agencies to Reimagine IT Security

Feb 18, 2014

Government agencies are facing a barrage of advanced attacks, yet most are relying on defenses that just won't catch them. In fact, two-thirds of breaches are not discovered for months—long after the damage is already done.*

As safeguards of the nation's most sensitive information, government agencies can't risk the very real and dire consequences of a breach. Download a new whitepaper to discover:

  • The capabilities needed to combat advanced attacks. Learn how two agencies discovered previously undetected malware and began blocking higher volumes of malware.
  • The need to transform cyber operations into a proactive mode. Learn how to protect invaluable data while saving time and resources by switching to a proactive cyber operation. Also, with fine-grained correlation and intelligence security teams can now prioritize their response efforts.
  • How the FireEye platform addresses the advanced malware challenge. Detect, block, and respond to advanced threats, while fulfilling compliance mandates like NIST-800 53 and SANS 20 security controls.

* Verizon "2013 Data Breach Investigations Report," May 2013