Army wants ideas from industry on autonomous, anti-drone capabilities

Army Futures Command called on industry for white papers outlining potential technology capabilities it will look to deploy as part of its modernization strategy.

Digital Government

NIST researcher calls for further evaluation of the AI impact on humans

Amid growing concerns that artificial intelligence systems could be misused by cybercriminals and for malicious purposes, a leading researcher said more study is needed to determine the societal impact.


Tougher cybersecurity rules may be more than a year away—but don’t wait to get ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe for more reporting requirements as well.

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How Palm Beach, Florida's School District Secured Personal Data and Improved the Classroom Experience

Palm Beach County school district partnered with NetApp to implement a new system to secure designated volumes that provide storage for the Student Information System and other select databases.


Cyberattacks on Energy's National Labs draw lawmaker scrutiny

The attacks, allegedly conducted by Russian-based adversaries, occurred during August and September 2022, potentially exposing sensitive U.S. scientific research.


U.S. cyberspace ambassador lays out technology’s role in geopolitical contests

Nathaniel Fick said tools like cloud computing and public-private partnerships will continue to prove essential to diplomacy, as they already have in Ukraine. 


DOD's open cyber recommendations date back to 2012

The Defense Department's Office of Inspector General points out longstanding unmet requests in a report rounding up recent cybersecurity oversight.


To protect satellites, secure your networks, chief of space ops says

Cyber attacks can undermine space-based capabilities, Gen. Chance Saltzman said.


Industry voices complaints over short response window for $60B VA recompete

Contractors had only four business days to weigh in on the draft solicitation for the next version of the Veterans Affairs Department's T4NG IT solutions vehicle.


Hoyer takes up post as top Dem on key approps subcommittee

After decades in House leadership, Hoyer is taking up a supporting role on a congressional panel with a strong focus on government tech, management and the workforce. 

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Bringing Backup and Recovery Forward in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Explore the best practices for federal agencies looking to ramp up cybersecurity efforts to keep pace with the rise in attacks.


Government watchdog warns on cyber weakness

The federal government has not yet addressed nearly 150 recommendations previously issued by the Government Accountability Office to help strengthen national cybersecurity, according to a new report.


R&D funding vehicle could supercharge small biz innovation programs

The General Services Administration's Office of Assisted Acquisition Service is working to bridge the gap between the research and commercialization phases of technology development, while bringing more governmentwide access to the new technologies.


NASA SEWP director echoes concerns over looming deadlines for software providers

Federal agencies have until September to collect self-attestation forms from software providers before deploying their products on government systems – and most people aren’t ready, according to a top acquisition official.


Measuring for management

Steve Kelman is impressed with how today's senior federal civilian and military managers approach performance data.


DOD instructs acquisition teams to prioritize small business engagement over best-in-class contracts

The Defense Department is instructing its components to support efforts to expand small business participation in the federal marketplace following the release of its “Small Business Strategy” earlier this month. 


Oversight Chairman Comer: ‘We’re two years behind in oversight’

Meanwhile, Democrats say Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the incoming chairman of the newly renamed House Oversight and Accountability Committee, is hypocritical and partisan.


Republicans announce new congressional cyber subcommittee leadership

A New York Republican is taking over a powerful House Homeland Security subcommittee tasked with overseeing efforts to improve federal network security and the nation’s cyber defense agency.


Congressional Democrats propose an 8.7% pay raise for feds in 2024

The annually introduced bill would provide a 4.7% across-the-board increase in basic pay and an average 4% increase to locality pay.


GAO: DOD needs better guidance, resources for contested information environment training

The government watchdog said that while defense officials have emphasized decision-based training for combatting disinformation, its guidance isn't clear about how military leaders are supposed to approach the curriculum.


The Pentagon’s innovation shop wants more influence in 2023

The agency wants to be part of program executives’ acquisition strategies and to spread more commercial-based tech across the department.