Federal Integrator's Top 25 Primes

In federal integration, the big keep getting bigger.

Lockheed Martin Corp.'s acquisition of Loral Corp., last year's top-ranked integrator, has created a still-larger company to hold this year's No. 1 slot. Lockheed Martin now manages the Internal Revenue Service's and the Federal Aviation Administration's modernization contracts, the world's largest secure messaging system and a number of military simulation deals.

Acquisitions also helped propel DynCorp to the top 25 list for the first time. The company has purchased a number of integrators in recent years, including CBIS Federal Inc. The other newcomers to the list - IBM Corp., Government Technology Services Inc. and Telos Corp. - benefited from integration contracts built around commercial off-the-shelf components. Telos, for example, snared the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Personal Workstation Acquisition Contract, while IBM captured the Forest Service's Project 615. GTSI won such deals as the Army's Portable-1.

Overall, this year's roster of top 25 contractors accounted for almost $12 billion in revenue - almost half of the federal government's information technology spending in fiscal 1995.

Federal Integrator's ranking is based on the government's buying activity on the integrators' IT prime contracts during fiscal 1995. This year's ranking includes the product content of prime contracts other than the General Services Administration schedule.

Eagle Eye Publishers, analyzing GSA procurement data, provided the baseline numbers that helped define the universe of top federal contractors. Federal Integrator conducted an integrator survey, conducted follow-up interviews and consulted market research organizations to arrive at our final list.

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1. Lockheed Martin Corp.Federal contract activity: $1.7BHeadquarters: Bethesda, Md.Top executive: Norman Augustine, president and CEOKey contracts:Army, Warfighter Simulation 2000, $113M (1996)FBI, Integrated Fingerprint Identification System, $109M (1996)Air Force, Theater Battle Management Core System, $143M (1995)Army, Advanced Distributed Simulation Technology II, $500M (1995)New business targets:Air Force, Base Level Systems Modernization (BLSM)Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Enterprise Integration Services IIDISA, Defense Information Services Network Support Services-GlobalFAA, Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS)

2. Computer Sciences Corp.Federal contract activity: $1.35BHeadquarters: Falls Church, Va.Federal market employees: 7,300Top executive: Milton E. Cooper, president, CSC Systems GroupKey contracts: DOT, Information Technology Omnibus Procurement (ITOP) (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)Treasury Department, Treasury Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS) (multiple award), $995M (1995)DOD, Center for Information Systems Security - Infosec Technical Services (multiple award), $1.095B (1995)GSA's Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (Fedsim), Multiple-Award Indefinite Quantity (MAIQ) support services (multiple award), $840M (1995)New business targets:DOD, DEIS IIFAA, Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS)Patent and Trademark Office, IT servicesAir Force, Mission Information Systems and Technical Support (MISTS)

3. Science Applications International Corp.Federal contract activity: $735MHeadquarters: San Diego, Calif.Top executive: J. Robert Beyster, chairman and CEOKey contracts:DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)GSA Fedsim, MAIQ support services (multiple award), $840M (1995)Treasury, TIPSS (multiple award), $995M (1995)DOD, CISS-Infosec Technical Services (multiple award), $1.095B (1995)DOD, Defense Medical Information System/System Integration, Design, Development, Operations and Maintenance Services (D/SIDDOMS) (multiple award), $256.3M (1995)New business targets:DOD, Support Hardware and Automation-Related Products (SHARP)Air Force, BLSM

4. IBM Corp. (Worldwide Government Industry)Federal contract activity: $644.7MHeadquarters: Bethesda, Md.Federal market employees: 500Top executive: John R. Nyland, vice president, federal marketKey contracts:USDA, Integrated Systems Acquistion Project, $250M (1995)USDA/Forest Service, Project 615, $276M (1994)National Security Agency, High-Performance Workstations II, $160M (1994)NASA, Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement (multiple award), $800M (1992)New business targets:DOE, ASCI BlueNASA, SEWP II

5. NCR (Federal Systems Division)Federal contract activity: $630M Headquarters: Rockville, Md.Federal market employees: 250Top executive: Steve Cooker, vice president of defense, transportation and marketingKey contracts:Defense Commissary Agency, POS Equipment contract, $200M (1996)Air Force, Database Machines, Lot III, $159M (1993)Treasury, Treasury Multiuser Acquisition Contract (TMAC), $1.4B (1991)FAA, Office Automation Technology and Services (OATS), $850M (1990)

6. Litton/PRC Inc.Federal contract activity: $628MHeadquarters: McLean, Va.Federal market employees: 5,300Top executive: Leonard Pomata, presidentKey contracts:GSA, Global Positioning System Support Services (multiple award), $570M (1996)National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, GOES Data Distribution System, $26.6M (1996)Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Command, PD 70, $77M (1995)DOD, D/SIDDOMS (multiple award), $285M (1995)New business targets:Air Force, MISTSAir Force, BLSMPTO, Systems Development and MaintenanceDOD, SHARPFAA, ITWS

7. GTE Government SystemsFederal contract activity: $579.7MHeadquarters: Needham, Mass.Federal market employees: 7,000Top executive: Irving Zaks, vice president and general manager, Information Systems DivisionKey contracts: DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)FAA, Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS), $20M (1996)Army, Outside Cable Rehabilitation II, $259M (1996)Justice Department, Justice Consolidated Office Network (JCON), $500M (1995)New business targets:DOD, DISN Support Services-GlobalGSA, Post-FTS 2000 GSA, Federal WirelessDOJ, Information Technology Support Services

8. Electronic Data Systems Corp.Federal contract activity: $564.2MHeadquarters: Herndon, Va.Federal market employees: 3,000Top executive: George Newstrom, corporate vice president and group executiveKey contracts:NIH, Electronic Computer Store (multiple award), $97M (1995)Navy, PC LAN+, $332M (1995)Army, Umbrella 3 (dual award), $99.9M (1995)Army, PC-1 (dual award), $512M (1995)DOD, D/SIDDOMS (multiple award), $303.9M (1995)New business targets:DISA, DISNDISA, DEIS II

9. Unisys FederalSystems DivisionFederal contract activity: $530.3MHeadquarters: McLean, Va.Federal market employees: 3,400Top executive: James F. McGuirk II, presidentKey contracts:DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)Treasury, TIPSS (multiple award), $995M (1995)DOD, DFAS Infrastructure Support Services, $166M (1995)DOJ, Assist, $100 million (1995)Coast Guard, Coast Guard Standard Workstation III, $235M (1995)New business targets:DOD, DEIS II

10. TRW Inc.(Systems Integration Group)Federal contract activity: $525MHeadquarters: Fairfax, Va.Federal market employees: 7,520Top executive: John Stenbit, vice president and general managerKey contracts:Treasury, Treasury Communications System, $425M (1995)FAA, Technical Assistance Contract for AUA, $231M (1995)DOD, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Battle Management Command, Control and Communications, $679M (1995)Army, Battlefield Digitization Contract, "Applique," $282.8M (1995)New business targets:Air Force, BLSM IIDEIS II (teamed with EDS)

11. BDM Federal Inc.Federal contract activity: $428.2MHeadquarters: McLean, Va.Federal market employees: 2,900Top executives: William C. Hoover, president and chief executive Key contracts:DOD, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, systems engineering contract, $95.5M (1995)DOE, Information systems support contract for environmental/waste management programs, $113.5M (1994)DISA, DEIS (multiple award), $935M (1993)Air Force, DMRD 924, $362M (1993)New business targets:DOD, DEIS IIFAA, STARS (teamed with Boeing)PTO, PTO Modernization

12. Harris Corp. (Electronic Systems Sector)Federal contract activity: $364.8MHeadquarters: Melbourne, Fla.Top executives: Phillip Farmer, chief executive of Harris Corp.; Albert E. Smith, president of Electronic Systems SectorKey contracts:GSA, GPS Support Services (multiple award), $570M (1996)Air Force, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, $49.5M (1995)FBI, National Crime Information Center 2000, $256M (1993)NASA, SEWP (multiple award), $800M (1992)New business targets:DEIS II (sub to EDS)

13. Northrop Corp. (Data Systems and Services Division)Federal contract activity: $330M Headquarters: Herndon, Va.Federal market employees: 3,109Top executives: Herb Anderson, corporate vice president and general manager, Data Systems and Services DivisionKey contracts:DOD, Major Shared Resource Center High-Performance Computing Program, $170.2M (1996)DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)Treasury, TIPSS (multiple award) $995M (1995)DOD, D/SIDDOMS Lot 2, $48M (1994)New business targets:DOJ, Information Technology Support ServicesCommerce Department, Census 2000DEIS II (sub to BDM Federal Inc.)

14. Government Technology Services Inc.Federal contract activity: $319.7MHeadquarters: Chantilly, Va.Federal market employees: 360Top executive: Dendy Young, president and chief executive officerKey contracts: IRS, Treasury Department Acquisition-I, $50M (1996)NIH, Electronic Computer Store (multiple award), $96.8M (1995)Army, Portable-1 (dual award), $115.1M (1994)NASA, SEWP (multiple award), $800M (1993)

15. Hughes Aircraft Co. (Hughes Information Systems and the Hughes Data Systems segment of Hughes Weapons Systems)Federal contract activity: $298.94MHeadquarters: Reston, Va.Top executive: Wayne Shelton, president, Hughes Information SystemsKey contracts:Air Force, Air Force Workstations (dual award), $956M (1996)Air Force, Desktop V (dual award), $924.4M (1996) - under protestFAA, Wide-Area Augmentation System, $475M (1996) (under protest)FAA, Oceanic Systems Development and Support, $141M (1995)New business targets:DEIS II (sub to CSC)FAA, STARS

16. Bell Atlantic Federal SystemsFederal contract activity: $275.4MHeadquarters: Arlington, Va.Federal market employees: 1,049Top executive: Barbara Connor, presidentKey contracts:Air Force, Voice Processing Systems, $27.9M (1995)Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth ACF DSS, $3.8M (1995)EPA, Videoconferencing network services, $2M (1995)EPA, switching contract for Philadelphia operations, $2M (1995)Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, $25M (1994)New business targets:DOD, DISNDOD, Defense Research and Engineering NetworkU.S. Postal Service, Managed Network ServicesNavy, National Telecommunications Infrastructure Project

17. DynCorp Information and Engineering Technology Inc.Federal contract activity: $270MHeadquarters: Fairfax, Va.Federal market employees: 2,600Top executives: Paul Lombardi, chief operating officer, DynCorp; Mark C. Filteau, president, DynCorp Information & Engineering Technology Inc.Key contracts:DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)Treasury, TIPSS (multiple award), $995M (1995)GSA, Central Zone ADP, $156M (1995)Navy, Electronic Military Personnel System, $19M (1995)DOE, IMSD, $150M (1994)New business targets:DOT, ITOPDOD, Standard Procurement SystemGSA, Post-FTS 2000, Technical and Management Support

18. Boeing Information ServicesFederal contract activity: $252.4MHeadquarters: Vienna, Va.Top executive: Stan Beckleman, presidentKey contracts:NASA Headquarters, Information Resources and Management Support (IRMS), $184M (1994)DISA, DEIS (multiple award), $935M (1993)Army, Reserve Component Automation System, $1.4B (1991)New business targets:DOD, DISN Support Services-GlobalDOD, DEIS II

19. Wang Federal Inc.Federal contract activity: $251MHeadquarters: McLean, Va.Federal market employees: 1,100Top executive: Ronald E. Cuneo, president, Wang FederalKey contracts:NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Central Data System/Inventory Management System, $32.4M (1995)Air Force, World Wide Military Command and Control System, $100M (1994)Air Force, Database Machines Lot 2, $149M (1993)Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., Premium Accounting System, $13.5M (1993)New business targets:DEIS II (sub to Boeing)NIH, CERTANDFAS, DFAS Financial Integrated Systems Services (teamed with Boeing)DISA, Global Command and Control System

20. Computer Data Systems Inc.Federal contract activity: $209.6M Headquarters: Rockville, Md.Federal market employees: 3,100Top executives: Cliff Kendall, chairman; Peter Bracken, president and CEOKey contracts:DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)DOE, Life-cycle support services for financial, budgetary and administrative applications, $120M (1995)Education, design, development and integration support for the Federal Direct Student Load Program, $376M (1993)GSA, Central Zone ADP facilities management support, $122M (1992)New business targets: CDC, CISSS

21. Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.Federal contract activity: $209MHeadquarters: McLean, Va.Federal market employees: 4,195Top executive: Ralph W. Shrader, president, worldwide technology businessKey contracts:DOT, ITOP (multiple award), $1.13B (1996)GSA Fedsim, MAIQ support services, $840M (1995)Treasury, TIPSS (multiple award), $995M (1995)Army, Communications-Electronics Command (Cecom) C3 Test, Evaluation and Integration, $80M (1995)Army, Information Systems Command, $9.1M (1995)New business targets:DOD, DISN Support Services-GlobalNIH, CERTAN Services (teamed with Lockheed Martin)Navy, Information Technology Support Services

22. Telos Corp.Federal contract activity: $196MHeadquarters: Ashburn, Va.Federal market employees: 165Top executive: John B. Wood, president and chief executiveKey contracts:Army, Small Multiuser Computer II, $907M (1995)DOD, Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System, $17.8M (1995)Army, Cecom software support, $118M (1995)NASA, JPL/TSEP, $44M (1995)Army, Redstone, $27.8M (1995)IRS, Personal Workstation Acquisition Contract, $100M (1994)New business targets:Navy, TAC-XNASA Ames Research Center

23. Digital Equipment Corp.Federal contract activity: $184.6MHeadquarters: Greenbelt, Md.Federal market employees: 250Top executive: James R. O'Neill, vice president and general manager, federal government regionKey contracts:Army, Army Workstation-I, (dual award), $594M (1996)Air Force, Air Force Workstations (sub to Hughes), $956M (1996)Air Force, Integration for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (IC4I) (sub to BTG Inc., Cordant), $929M (1995)USPS, Acquisition of Desktop Extended Processing Technology, $200M (1994)NASA, SEWP (multiple award), $800M (1992)New business targets:NASA, SEWP II

24. CACI Inc.Federal contract activity: $172MHeadquarters: Arlington, Va.Federal market employees: 2,200Top executive: J.P. London, chairman, president and CEOKey contracts: GSA Fedsim, MAIQ support services (multiple award), $840M (1995)DOE, Environmental Services, $11M (1994)Navy, Readiness Based Sparing, $148M (1994)Navy, Military Sealift Command, $30M (1994)New business targets:GSA, Federal Acquisition Services for TechnologyDOD, DEIS IIDOJ, MEGA

25. I-NET Inc.Federal contract activity: $166.8MHeadquarters: Bethesda, Md.Federal market employees: 1,500Top executive: Kavelle Bajaj, chief executive officerKey contracts:FBI, Commercial-Grade Intelligent Workstations, as part of a three-vendor consortium, $128M (1994)NASA, Ames Research Center, Communications Support Services, $42.3M (1994)USPS, Local-area network contract, $20M (1993)NASA, Kennedy Space Center engineering support services, $120M (1992)New business targets:SSA, IWS/LANFAA, Operational and Supportability Implementation SystemAir Force, MISTSUSPS, Centralized Facilities Management


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