Library of Congress. C onnection to the Internet. Sol. RFP97-2. (CBD Oct. 9) The Library of Congress requires a connection to the National Science Foundation Internet. The purpose of this connection is to perform remote log-in file transfer and electronic-mail communications with academic governmental and other Internet users utilizing the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol suite. The speed of this connection must be upgradable from the current speed to higher levels as demand for access to the Library's network resources increases.Contact: Helen S. MathuraLibrary of CongressContracts & Logistics Services1701 Brightseat RoadLandover Md. 20785-3799(202) 707-8609Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Commercial off-the-shelf Database Management System. Sol. USCA-97-R-001. (CBD Oct. 10) The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts is conducting a procurement for a COTS relational DBMS and related database administration and application development utilities. Software maintenance training and operational support are also required. The DBMS must be SQL-compliant and able to interoperate across different hardware platforms networking systems and operating systems. The DBMS must support both host-based and client/server-based processing. Offerers will be required to provide performance benchmark results as part of their proposal submission. Contact: Linda L. RoundAdministrative Office of theU.S. CourtsOIT-TPPA-ITC1 Columbus Circle N.E.Room 3-170Washington D.C. 20544(202) 273-2309Federal Aviation Administration. Trace-Based Automated Luggage Explosive Detection System. Sol. DTFA03. (CBD Oct. 11) The FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center announces the availability of a solicitation requesting applications for a grant to design a Trace-Based Automated Luggage Explosive Detection System (EDS). The intent of this project is to stimulate development of a trace-based system that meets or exceeds present FAA certification criteria. Currently only one EDS device based on computed tomography has been certified by the FAA. Trace-based detectors have successfully demonstrated their ability to identify explosives by analysis of their vapor or particulate residue. The residue is easily found on any surface to which the explosive has been exposed. The particulate samples are collected manually and then analyzed automatically. Trace explosives detection technology is much less costly than the current bulk explosives systems and therefore inherently more attractive from an economic standpoint. However current commercially available systems are not automatic and thus are time- and labor-intensive to use. Automation of the sample acquisition is needed in order to meet the throughput rates required in the EDS standard for checked passenger luggage. Contact: Martha Snyderwine Judith Huggard or Clare NanniFederal Aviation AdministrationWilliam J. Hughes Technical CenterFAA Aviation Research Grant ProgramAtlantic City International Airport N.J. 08405(609) 485-6752/4368/6970Air Force. Ground system safety analysis. Sol. F04684-97-R-0007. (CBD Oct. 11). The Air Force requires the performance of analytical scientific and engineering studies and the furnishing of recommendations and reports to support ground system safety analysis - including facility and space and missile system acquisition research and development and launch processing safety programs. This effort will require studies research and investigations of hazards to life and property presented by facility systems ground support equipment and space and missile systems. Contact: Timothy Inman orVelma DavisAir Force30 CONS/LGCXBBuilding 7015 Section 2C806 13th St. Suite 2Vandenberg Air Force Base Calif. 93437-5226(805) 734-8232 extension 6-1507/6-8060Defense Department. National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) sensor payload and algorithm development. Sol. F04701-96-R-0012. (CBD Oct. 15) DOD is seeking qualified sources to perform selected sensor payload and algorithm development efforts in support of NPOESS. The program's objective is to develop a single cost-effective space system capable of providing weather and environmental data for U.S. civilian military and international objectives. The government's current acquisition approach is to award multiple contracts from a single request for proposals based on full and open competition for sensor/algorithm development. The government intends to award one or more contracts for each sensor or suite. The five sensor payloads are the visible/infrared imager radiometer suite conical microwave imager sounder cross-track infrared sounder ozone mapping and profiler suite and Global Positioning System occultation sensor. Additionally the NPOESS program office is considering the inclusion of separate space environmental suite and cross-sensor algorithm development efforts. Based upon final foreign disclosure review potential foreign sources will not be excluded from participation. Performance of these contracts will however require access handling and storage of information at the secret level.Contact: Lt. Col. Raymond M. Leong or William S. TrombettaDefense DepartmentHeadquarters Space and Missile Systems Center (AFMC)SMC/CIKC 2420 Vela WaySuite 1467-A8Los Angeles Air Force Base Calif. 90245-4659(310) 336-4414/4460Treasury Department. Database information-retrieval services. Sol. RFP-TOT-97-0005/C77005. (CBD Oct. 15) The Office of Thrift Supervision has a requirement for the development of an electronic filing software package for the savings associations it regulates. This software is used by the associations to file reports. The software package required must facilitate PC creation of these reports and of amendments thereto and should support electronic transmission of these reports and amendments to the Sprint network or other major telecommunications providers.It should be capable of running in Microsoft Corp. Windows 95 Windows 3.x MS-DOS and PC-DOS operating systems environments.Contact: Douglas M. MasonTreasury DepartmentOffice of Thrift SupervisionProcurement Branch1700 G St. N.W.Washington D.C. 20552(202) 906-7624The items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available in hard copy from the Government Printing Office.


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