ProDX's resolution: E-gov business

Over the past three years, Professional Data Exchange Inc. (ProDX) has earned

more than $10 million in revenue by helping public-sector organizations

upgrade legacy systems. So it's not surprising that the company's chief

executive officer made a New Year's resolution to establish a formal e-government


Peter Stroeve, president and CEO of the Portland, Ore.-based IT services

consulting firm, recently launched a special advisory group to recommend

strategies for establishing business focused on building Internet-based

solutions for state, local and federal agencies.

"They're in the process of creating a strategic plan," Stroeve said.

"We should have drafts by mid-January and the launch on March 1, assuming

the plan says it's a good thing to go forward."

The company already does some state and local government work in Colorado,

Oregon and Washington, but it has yet to break into the federal space. The

strategic plan will include suggestions for all three levels of government

"to identify where the opportunities are," Stroeve said.

Stroeve named Don Mazziotti, previously chief information officer for

the state of Oregon, to be the lead adviser for this group. Phil Keisling,

a former Oregon secretary of state and ProDX's vice president for business

development, will also serve in an advisory role for this initiative.

Keisling said he "made IT a critical part of the strategic plan" during

his tenure as Oregon's secretary of state. ProDX is in a good position to

formally target the public sector because it has watched its private-sector

counterparts and learned from their successes and failures, he said.

"We are not a reseller," Keisling said. "We're a company that is very

strong, with a lot of maturity that develops solutions based on the requirements

of an organization, not on reselling agreements and that is well- received

in this market."

The two programs that ProDX will most strongly market through its future

e-government practice will be its "readiness review" and "e-planning" services,

Stroeve said.

The readiness review examines an agency's Internet-readiness based on

factors ranging from its infrastructure and business processes to its management

team. E-planning looks at potential Internet opportunities and allows the

customer to choose a few; ProDX then runs return-on-investment scenarios

for each.


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