Fighting back

The following products incorporate advanced filtering techniques to distinguish between legitimate e-mail and spam.

CipherTrust Inc.'s IronMail

A gateway appliance with 12 spam-detection filters, IronMail has a new feature called Enterprise Spam Profiler that aggregates the results of five of those filters to help information technology administrators make more informed decisions about bulk e-mail. The profiler gathers results from the Statistical Lookup Service, which compares message signatures to identify bulk mail, and the Header Analysis filter, which looks for forged headers. IronMail also features Automatic Intelligent Whitelisting, which creates a list of legitimate users by monitoring outgoing e-mail traffic patterns.

SurfControl PLC's E-Mail Filter 4.5

This software combines virus and spam protection as well as e-mail auditing. The Anti-Spam Agent includes digital signature filtering and scans a message's text and any attachments, including JPEGs, GIFs and MPEGs. Its artificial intelligence technology, called Adaptive Reasoning Technology, powers add-on components such as the Virtual Learning Agent, which can be trained to recognize and protect an organization's proprietary content.

Trend Micro Inc.'s Spam Prevention Service

The service uses gateway scanning software to block spam before it enters the network. A heuristic scanning engine detects new spamming categories or methods by tracking and analyzing e-mail behavior patterns. For added protection, the service can be deployed with Trend Micro's virus and e-mail security software.


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