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What generation gap?

Federal Computer Week hosted the Rising Star Awards dinner last week at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, D.C., and the place was buzzing with excitement.

The 53 award winners were clearly delighted to be honored. They know they do good work. They have the confidence that comes naturally to people who are both smart and driven. But until now they had no reason to expect any sort of public recognition. Usually their job is to make their bosses look good and applaud when their bosses’ bosses win Federal 100 awards. Such is the way of Washington. But those ways might be changing. Plenty of bosses attended last week's dinner, and they looked pleased to see their employees receive the Rising Star awards.

The common refrain at the reception was, “It's about time.” It's about time this community had a forum to recognize the labors of the younger generation, which, of course, represents the next generation of community leaders. It’s about time to cultivate the commitment to public service that has taken root there and give it space to grow.

No one was talking about a generation gap. True, twenty- and thirtysomething workers have different expectations and different ways of approaching problems. But if they come ready to learn from their co-workers and if their co-workers are willing to learn from them, the gap closes and everybody moves ahead.

That was the buzz at the Rising Star Awards dinner. Let’s hope it lasts.

Editor's note: FCW invites award winners and their dinner companions to send their digital photographs of the event to [email protected]. We will post them online in the coming days.

Other noteworthy news

The Customs and Border Protection agency at the Homeland Security Department, which is looking for inside access to Microsoft's ongoing and future developments, said it plans to award a noncompetitive contract to Microsoft Consulting Services.... Lt. Gen. Steve Boutelle, the Army's chief information officer, said the service's instant messaging policy allows users access to Bantu, a secure messaging program, only through its Army Knowledge Online portal.... FedBid won a five-year contract to provide online reverse auction services for DHS... Office of Procurement Operations, primarily for buying information technology and other equipment.... Eight manufacturers have registered more than 200 products that meet a voluntary manufacturing standard for eco-friendly computer products since the standard's release in July.... Program managers must know how to safeguard personal information so the government can maintain the public's trust, said Mark Hardy, president of National Security Corp., a speaker at FCW Events' Program Management Summit in Washington, D.C.... As few as 9 percent of U.S. physicians use full-fledged electronic health record systems for outpatient care, according to a new study by researchers under contract to the Department of Health and Human Services.... A consortium led by Unisys will build and manage an online repository of open-source software for the European Union.... Scott Hastings, CIO for DHS' U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program, retired after a 23-year federal career.... The Department of Veterans Affairs... Office of the General Counsel awarded a contract to Identity Force for identity theft protection services for more than 5,700 people, 660 of whom are veterans, after the department reported that a backup data tape was missing.... Accenture announced the completion of the first phase of the Army's financial management system, known as the General Fund Enterprise Business System, at Fort Jackson, S.C.... NASA should use social networking applications to cultivate support among younger Americans for its space exploration program, according to a report from George Mason University researchers.... IT will play a major role in helping the Internal Revenue Service close a $345 billion gap between taxes owed and taxes collected, according to a new Treasury Department report.

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