2012 Budget

House averts government shutdown

The House of Representatives has passed a short-term measure that will keep the government running until Nov. 18.

Defense budget cuts inevitable, says former defense secretary

With the nation at a crucial point and the Defense Department facing serious budget cuts, a smaller military force and smart decision-making will be critical, said former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

Are e-gov programs worth the cost?

High-profile federal transparency initiatives such as Data.gov are on the chopping block in Congress, under pressure to prove they provide real value.

Get used to shutdown risks

A smooth budget process isn't likely anytime soon, but agencies may be getting used to it.

Budget cuts vs. Strike Fighter

Carter hearing showcases the push-pull of defense spending.

Shutdown likely averted

Senate reaches agreement that could avert a government shutdown. Now the House must approve the deal.

Senate rejects funding bill, shutdown nears

A federal shutdown is still possible, but the Senate will try again before recess.

Shutdown specter rises once more

For the third time this year, the government nears shutdown, with disaster relief funds the sticking point.

Satellites, telescope worthy of funding, Senate says

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the fiscal 2012 budget for science and technology programs.

Defense budget to be shaped by 'hard choices'

The budget process is still contentious, but negotiators seem willing to put almost everything on the table.

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