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GSA expands on O'Hare's GWACs comments

In a recent interview with Federal Computer Week's acquisition editor, Matthew Weigelt, Ed O'Hare, assistant commissioner of the Office of Integrated Technology Services at GSA's Federal Acquisition Service, clarifies and expands upon his comments made during a panel discussion at the Washington Technology Top 100 Conference.

Census successfully uses handhelds to verify addresses

The Census Bureau finished the first phase of the 2010 decennial census ahead of schedule in part because new handheld computers performed well despite earlier problems.

Cybersecurity: Legislation, new security controls on same track

New catalog of information and security controls co-developed by NIST, the Pentagon and the intelligence community, along with information security legislation gaining traction in Congress, are expected to significantly improve federal cybersecurity standards.

Cloud computing: Is it secure enough?

Government officials should start now to understand the security implications and begin taking steps to protect their organizations as they adopt the cloud computing model.

Cybersecurity training: The battle over mandates

A debate rages over a Senate proposal to require certification or licensing for all cybersecurity professionals who work on government information systems.

How to make the most of your COOP investment

Managers are finding new ways to protect their computing resources in an emergency without paying for idle capacity that doesn’t contribute to daily operations.

GAO: Avoid fragmented broadband policies

The FCC should work with other federal agencies to avoid a fragmented approach on national broadband policies, a new report states.

House passes bills on technology, science

The House has approved bills designed to strengthen federal agencies' cooperation on international science and technology research and on domestic science education.

Smart grid standards released

The government has released a list of 16 interoperability and security standards for the smart electric grid.

Coast Guard to harness ocean data to improve search and rescue

The Coast Guard can use maps of ocean surface currents to track probable paths of shipwreck victims and drifting lifeboats.

NOAA adds Great Lakes images

The detailed, three-dimensional images on Google Earth let visitors explore the canyons and sandbars in the Great Lakes.

NOAA to get supercomputers, satellites

The agency's list of projects includes funding for weather satellites and climate-data supercomputers.

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