Agency News: Department of Commerce

Commerce wants public help with digital strategy

Help the Commerce Department pick its first two projects under the Federal Digital Strategy.

Census introduces API to make information more accessible

New tool, part of Obama's digital government strategy, allows developers to create custom apps and reach new users.

Virtualization: A first step to the cloud

Tackling the cultural and technical changes required for the virtualization of IT can make a future transition to a cloud environment much easier.

State's cloud doesn't measure up to NIST standards, IG finds

Audit finds weaknesses that keep the State Department's cloud-computing efforts from meeting NIST's guidelines.

NIST's new cyber center ready for public-private insight

A collaborative new effort will work to develop cybersecurity solutions and spur job creation.

Commerce secretary resigns

Secretary cites medical issue as reason for his decision to leave.

Can new mobile government plans overcome old problems?

Federal agencies are rolling out a host of mobile strategies, but will it be enough to overcome decades-old challenges?

Top NIST workers to receive modest bonuses

Changes to personnel management system removes minimum bonus requirement.

Lynn McNulty

Lynn McNulty: The grandfather of federal cybersecurity

Lynn McNulty emphasized security not as a constraint but as an e-government enabler.

NIST guide aims to explain cloud in plain language

New document details risk management and other security issues related to cloud computing.

Census bureau lagging on geographic coding of residences, IG says

The Census Bureau has to find a better way to geographically code homes and assess the accuracy of its master address file, according to a new report.

10 ways to secure the IT supply chain

NIST's streamlined guidance on risk management focuses on a set of key recommendations for ensuring the security and reliability of information and communications systems.

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