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Federal agency CIOs squeeze savings from IT spending

CIO shares successful savings strategies.

NIST tests accuracy in iris recognition for identification

Report quantifies accuracy, speed in iris-recognition algorithms.

Virtual worlds emerge within agencies

Having cut their teeth in Second Life, agencies are increasingly building their own virtiual environments.

Finding the hidden value in shared IT services

Shared IT services can help shift focus from infrastructure to mission, says NOAA CIO.

Cybersecurity reboot: Two game-changing ideas

Some say making IT systems a moving target to hackers and centralizing cybersecurity policy will turn around current flawed approaches.

Cloud computing's next step

Agencies and vendors need common definitions, performance metrics and security controls, say panelists at the FOSE 2012 conference.

Treasure trove of Census data stumbles on launch

Many researchers welcomed NARA's release of the 1940 U.S. Census, but others worried about privacy and reported the website was not functioning properly.

Zients: Why streamlining government makes sense

Senior official at OMB lays out why reorganization authority is "common sense and good management."

Justice supports FOIA portal

A Justice Department official responds to recent allegations that the agency is hindering a multi-agency FOIA effort.

Justice accused of hindering multi-agency FOIA website

A group of FOIA watchdogs is calling for a truce in an apparent turf war between the Justice Department and three other departments over FOIA websites.

Census bureau to track assets with RFID in pilot program

The Census Bureau has put out a call to vendors to provide information on RFID systems that could track thousands of assets.

The Fed 100

Read the profiles of all this year's winners.

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