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Despite desire for shared data, Census Bureau stands on confidentiality law

The U.S. Census Bureau has no plans to seek changes to Title 13, officials say.

Census Bureau supports releasing address database, official says

The Census Bureau has made a turnaround in its thinking about publicly releasing its nationwide database of home and business addresses, a senior official said.

Technology aided disaster response

Earthquakes and hurricanes didn't daunt the federal response, but trouble is on the horizon for funding.

Weather service updates mobile website for local forecasts

The National Weather Service will refresh its mobile website that offers weather forecasts by ZIP code.

NOAA to build 'weather-ready' nation

After a record number of weather disasters this year -- including a hurricane and flooding in Washington, D.C. -- the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is amplifying its efforts to improve forecasting and response.

Agencies use Facebook, Twitter to spread hurricane info

Agencies rush to prepare for major hurricane, using all the technology at their disposal to do so.

NIST proposes privacy safeguards for federal IT

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants to ensure the privacy of personal information is among the standard security controls used to protect federal information and information systems.

NASA, DOJ take hits in fiscal 2012 budget package

The House Appropriations Committee took scissors to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope program and reduced state and local grant programs run by the Justice Department in its fiscal 2012 budget package.

Hurricane center cautiously tests social media waters

The National Hurricane Center in Miami is on Facebook and Twitter for the first time during the 2011 storm season, but don't look for big changes.

Cloud security may be the easiest problem to solve

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program requirements for authorizing the use of cloud services are expected soon, but security might be the simplest issue to solve in the federal adoption of cloud computing.

NOAA moving e-mail to Google's cloud

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans to migrate 25,000 e-mail users to a cloud-based unified messaging service by the end of the year.

Hurricane center tries out Facebook, Twitter

The National Hurricane Center began the 2011 storm season June 1 with a presence on Facebook and Twitter for the first time.

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