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Broadband plan debate: federal bureaucracy or local initiative?

From reforming the Universal Service Fund to determining how grants are allocated, headaches remain for agencies in starting the National Broadband Plan. weak even without blizzard, study says

The National Weather Service's website failed as a massive blizzard bore down on the midwest, but its performance during normal times isn't so great either, according to a new study.

FedFlix federal video archive grows in popularity

The FedFlix online federal short film archive has won millions of views on YouTube, and now the Library of Congress is considering streaming films online as well.

IT fixes are needed before the next census, GAO says

The Census Bureau needs to fix some IT problems before the 2020 census that could cost as much as $30 billion, GAO says.

National strategy for identity management nearly done

The administration’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is expected to be finalized this winter, and the standards-making process to support it already is under way.

Big telework savings trumps butts in the seats

Telework remains a goal of most agencies. But a combination of technology, employee expectations and legislation can help make it a reality.

For continuity, build telework into operations

The technology is available to enable secure, efficient access for remote working emergencies and day-to-day operations, but planning ahead is critical. Two agencies show that it can be done.

NIST late to start work after getting paid, GAO says

Auditors scold the National Institute of Standards and Technology for taking too long to deliver results on research studies paid for by federal agencies.

4G public safety network to undergo first tests

Telecom industry partners are being signed up for the public safety demonstration network being established by the Commerce Department to test LTE equipment for a 700 MHz nationwide public safety network.

First set of Smart Grid standards submitted to energy regulators

The first standards for Smart Grid interoperability and security have completed a cybersecurity review by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and have been forwarded to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for adoption. The Energy Department also is funding research on Smart Grid security.

GAO debuts new online report technology

GAO is piloting a new online E-Report to accompany its familiar PDF products with the release of a study on slippages in NOAA's next-generation weather satellite program.

Do agencies still have year-end spending sprees?

We tried to find out what agencies are spending their year-end money on, but it might not work like that anymore.

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