Agency News: Department of Homeland Security

Deepwater acquisition sinks, but not without lessons

The Coast Guard has terminated its controversial Deepwater ship and boat replacement program after a decade.

US power grid gets better cyber defenses thanks to new initiative

A new initiative between government and private sector aims to boost cybersecurity for the power grid and keep hackers at bay.

DHS guidance to state and local fusion centers going unused

Like the case of the dog that ate the homework, guidance sent to dozens of state and local fusion and emergency op centers has gone unusued and, in some cases, disappeared, audit finds.

Beyond Deepwater: What the Coast Guard learned.

A difficult program could become a platform for better choices next time, with lessons that other agencies can also use.

Coast Guard to end Deepwater program

The Coast Guard's decade-old Deepwater acquisition program is over, but the difficult experience taught important lessons, officials say.

Border Protection Commissioner resigns

Customs and Border Protection Commission Alan Bersin, never confirmed by the Senate, is resiging Dec. 30.

DHS cyber office director leaves government

The National Cyber Security Division director will leave her post near the end of January.

2012 budget: DHS wins some, loses some

The Homeland Security Department picked up money for cyber protection, but lost dollars in first-responder grants.

Coast Guard officials need ethics guidance post separation, GAO says

Former Coast Guard officials need more guidance on the restrictions and ethics rules about working for contractors, according to a new congressional audit.

DHS releases cybersecurity blueprint

The Homeland Security Department published its new framework for cybersecurity outlining steps for infrastructure protection and the cyber ecosystem.

Senator questions federal website seizures

After high-profile domain seizures, some question the process of Operation In Our Sites.

IG faults IT management as a major challenge at DHS

DHS Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards provides a comprehensive overview of nine major management concerns at the department.

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