Agency News: Department of Homeland Security

DHS cyber office director leaves government

The National Cyber Security Division director will leave her post near the end of January.

2012 budget: DHS wins some, loses some

The Homeland Security Department picked up money for cyber protection, but lost dollars in first-responder grants.

Coast Guard officials need ethics guidance post separation, GAO says

Former Coast Guard officials need more guidance on the restrictions and ethics rules about working for contractors, according to a new congressional audit.

DHS releases cybersecurity blueprint

The Homeland Security Department published its new framework for cybersecurity outlining steps for infrastructure protection and the cyber ecosystem.

Senator questions federal website seizures

After high-profile domain seizures, some question the process of Operation In Our Sites.

IG faults IT management as a major challenge at DHS

DHS Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards provides a comprehensive overview of nine major management concerns at the department.

Disaster drill derailed by disasters

Severe weather hampered the annual National Level Exercise this year by forcing some federal employees to cancel their participation in order to attend to real-life recovery efforts, according to a new audit.

DHS changes approach to border technology

The Homeland Security Department is developing 'capability-based' purchasing framework.

DHS still falling short in spending plan for border technology, GAO says

GAO scolds the Homeland Security Department for not fulfilling conditions set by COngress for border technology spending plan.

SBInet redux? GAO criticizes gaps in planning for next border technologies

With the echoes of SBInet less than a year old, the Homeland Security Department is embarking on another $1.5 billion border technology strategy without sufficient planning, according to an audit.

'Freak' TSA screener in process to be fired, Blogger Bob says

The TSA found itself in the middle of a social media frenzy this week with the "Get your freak on" note incident.

Lawmakers suggest major restructuring for DHS

Proposal is intended to increase DHS efficiency, but GAO has yet to analyze the idea.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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