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Union response: Cuts will cost federal jobs

The president of the largest federal employee union says OMB's cuts mean more job destruction.

DHS expands program for people to check their employment eligibility

The expansion means millions more people can go online to make sure the government has accurate information about whether they're allowed to work in the United States.

Protective Services risk assessment system fails, GAO says

The Federal Protective Service's costs for developing a new risk assessment system have tripled and the system is two years behind schedule, a new report says.

Agencies don't reward innovation, feds say

In a time when efficiency and effectiveness should be at a premium, federal employees don't believe their agencies reward innovation, according to a new survey.

DHS, GAO disagree on details of acquisition planning

The Homeland Department said collecting data to decide when to begin planning for a major procurement is a waste of time.

The best of the federal blogosphere

Revitalizing farms; Fighting organized crime; Improving passenger privacy; End of an (Ice) Age.

DHS pushed to tighten IT acquisition policies

GAO uncovers weaknesses in DHS' method for independently assessing complex and costly IT acquisitions.

How DHS will track down 757,000 aliens

The Homeland Security Department is collaborating with the intelligence community to prioritize investigations of more than 700,000 foreign visitors who have overstayed their visas, based on the national security threat they pose.

Federal information sharing environment needs work, GAO says

The federal Information-Sharing Environment needs work to bring in more foreign affairs data and intelligence, according to a new GAO report.

Agencies need to tighten telework coordination, GAO says

Potential agency IT limitations weren't taken into account before the "unscheduled telework" option for federal employees went into effect earlier this year, a new report said.

Lieberman tells FEMA to centralize IT

FEMA can't manage its IT systems with an uncoordinated approach to building systems, senator says.

DOD releases 5-point cyber defense plan

The Defense Department's new strategy for defending U.S. computer networks stresses the need for a multi-faceted, evolving approach to counter pervasive threats.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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